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The Danube inland delta

1 day
Find out how the Danube River once looked from Vienna to the Black Sea. Discover the endless network of river branches, lakes and canals surrounded by a floodplain forest. An ideal place for watching wildlife and all shades of green.

Bratislava: City and wilderness

Half day
Enjoy the city sights of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, the village on the water in the form of houseboats and watch the colonies of wild birds. All this from a sea kayak cockpit on our shortest trip. City and the wilderness together!

The Danube-Auen National Park

1 Day
Tour is situated between the European capitals Vienna and Bratislava, the Donau-Auen National Park preserves the last remaining major wetlands environment in Central Europe. Here, the Danube is still free flowing and is the lifeline of the National Park.


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  • Blog of a Danube wanderer – great inspirations to water wanders. One of not many communicative people among watermen who gives a lot details.

    Marta Furdíková
  • I see myself as Danube Kayaker too. It’s great that there is a website that collects and shares information and adventures from my favorite Danube River.

    Martin Ratkovský
  • An excellent website with inspirations for water trips and expeditions not only on the Danube River. Everything in one place – trips, tips on equipment and a boating event calendar for you to add!

    Alena Krempaská
  • Thank you guys from Danube Kayaker for your helpful approach and dealing when I was buying a kayak. I hope we will meet on the water!

    Tomáš Bršel
  • Thanks to Danube Kayaker I have added paddling to my winter activities. The blog continues to inspire me when I´m planning new trips not only along the Danube River.

    Štefan Košický