2. Coron Bay, Philippines 2020 Sea kayak Expedition – Are We Going?

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In a previous post, I wrote that my first attempt to reach the Philippines was unsuccessful. It ended with my expulsion, a ban on entry and a halving of the expedition by 3 weeks. Unfortunately, that was not all. As stopovers in Taiwan were useless to us, we had to cancel them. In addition, our friend from Brno gave it up. He did not want to risk the situation repeating itself. There are three of us left.

Since the global pandemic of the new corona virus has broken out, travel has been problematic. In this situation, we have decided that no one will convince anyone. I myself didn’t feel good that I was putting someone else at risk when I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. We were not afraid that we would get sick, but that we would stay somewhere from which no return would be possible. I mainly thought of leaving my family alone at home in the worst possible time. The panic in Slovakia was already at the time when I returned from Asia for the first time. In Europe, only the first few infected cases were reported to be infected in China.

As if that wasn’t enough, we found that there was only one airline left that was able to get us to the Philippines for normal money. But it had a catch. We were able to take a maximum of 30 kg of luggage per person plus 7 kg below decks. Everything would be fine if we didn’t bring kayaks and all the equipment with us. Only kayaks with part of the equipment weighed 60 kg.

At a time when a person is happy for every little encouragement, people began to attack me that only mags travel. That it’s dangerous and so on. Even if you may have meant it well, know that I always do a risk analysis before I make a decision. I was informed about the health risks associated with staying in the tropics in places where you would look for a hospital in vain long before all the experts on the virus and infectious diseases became. I have vaccines for diseases that many people don’t know exist. Do you know how many deadly diseases you can get after being bitten by an ordinary mosquito? We consulted with virologists about the new virus, because we also went with our little daughter for the first time. We wanted to be 100% sure if it was safe for her and if something happened, what to do. That’s why we knew how to protect ourselves at a time when no one was interested in us.

The risks were on the table. And after 2 days, a word into battle. We are going. The desire for adventure has once again won.

Note: All photos are from the first attempt to get to the Philippines!