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I was born in Hlohovers. I survived there most of childhood and youth. I probably therefore have a specific relationship with our longest river. As a little boy, I like to go there. Already, it was a great adventacity for me. I had to go walking through the whole city and calculate your return so that no one found anything.  It was banned for me zone. Later, when I learned to ride a mountain bike, then my action radius increased rapidly. It still was and also is what to discover. When I started to ride the kayaking, I still drilled my head to see if it could be a roll-over of the scales. Last fall I received an invitation from the club of Slovak tourists to see if I do not add with them on the sewage weight from Trenčín to Piešťany. They brought me my eyes and without hesitation I nodded. Clear water full of fish. Beautiful nature. I have been questioning my childhood memories. I said I would return to Váh and I will examine it only after his mouth in Komar.

1. Day

The beginning of our trip to the village of Sokolovce

Váh is a river that has been torn out of a single vodka. Many are also prepared for life. There are very fast pearl stretches with almost stagnator water. It depends very much on the condition of the water level. Long time I did not know to find a bunch. Someone who does not feel unwell and does not bother him to paddle all day.  I planned a 3 day sewage weight from the dam of Sĺňava to the confluence with Dunajom in Komar, 115 km.

Dam of Sĺňava

When a person does not know exactly what it is, it is okay to have a time reserve in case something goes wrong. And Verily went wrong now at the beginning. The steamer did forget all the things in the second car that was almost 100 km away from us. The terrible feeling I know well, I was able to do the same piece last year. But it went more and was warm, so I decided to go without things and improvise. In this case, however, it was worse. Near weight there is practically no possibility to eat. We knew us waiting very bad weather. In addition to rain also has a sharp cooling. Fortunately, I have a wife with an infinite good heart. It was offered to make a 200 km collector for the backpack:). Waiting for the backpack we took advantage of and sped up against the stream up under the dam. After returning to the place of the meeting appeared local watersport who came on two canoe to meet a few kilometers of the river. We spounted us that in three days we have no chance to pass up to Komar and to alert us to a few very dangerous obstacles. Before they sat on the water they downloaded a few bottles of burciac and some plum, so I took it with the reserve. However, a bunch of things were not because they didn’t forgive a few notes on my address. I assured him that whenever I see a potential danger, we will climb to the shore and after dry we check it out.

Perej Hrčák before Hlohovcom – the confluence of the old weight and artificial channel

The first day we drove the last section of the weight, which still has the character of the Mountain River. The white water was waiting for us almost behind every bend. Some stretches were quite challenging, because trees were attacked in the jet. Bump into one of them would not have to turn out the best. The larger rapids was heard already from far away. For a very low search we also often became that we were stuck on the shallow. It is a very good kayaking school, because the river needs to be played a bit more precise than for example on the Danube.

Cracked pillar of the railway bridge in Hlohovci

When we arrived at Hlohovers, so they started to emerge in the head of childhood memories. In these places I have not been long years. For one large flood, the pillar of the railway bridge underwashed. They were patched so that they poured concrete. A few days later it snapped. I walked back then even to elementary school. On the railway bridge itself I have a hill of memories. We were on the service trolley above Váhom, whether they were lying under the rails when the train went. It was a proper adrenaline rush when you had a meter above your head walking through a freight train. You had to try it each.

Fire in Hlohovers

On the right side of the weight someone undershot the grass and caught up to burn even fragments of the Lutheran forest. The smoke has completely blacked the sky for a while. When we were already beginning to worry about the pinch of smoke, which crossed our way, so he turned the wind and we passed around. They ran out of fire fighters and something yelted into the megaphone. Maybe just us, but they didn’t understand them.

Perej under the pipeline

Just behind the poliklinic in Hlohovci is the first shame of adrenaline Pearl. A few kilometers further two more. The other one I remember from childhood. I looked at her from the pipeline bridge. She already, but the downhill was not. Fortunately, we stopped and drove her to explore by land. The fit into it would probably have ended tragically. We managed boats with rope to run on the right side of the water down. A little bit of a bloodless way of forts, but it is very effective. Along the way, we met a couple of people who pointed us to this perej. It has a few lifetimes in your account. This perej was completely the last obstacle to weight. Thus, at least natural. The river starts to slow, but still has the character of the Mountain River.

Paradise on Earth

The first day quickly passed. We went through a 40 kilometre segment of the river, which, despite the serious bonnet, looks still like a wild nature. Very clean water filled with fish. Everywhere forest. In addition to one bend in the hlohovers do not see any buildings, no roads and it only after the Sere’s. We met only a few fishermen and several people who came to swim on the magnificent pebble and sand beaches as a fairy tale. In the evening we came to make the company buddies from HLOHOVCA. At night we experienced a natural theater in the form of huge dreamers of Podeniek. They flew in a few million roes. In the morning their dead bodies cover both the ground and the river level. They came out of the water to complete their life cycle – they were paired, they were loading eggs and died.

First Camp

2. Day

Motorway bridge

We knew we had a long journey, so we took a close time. After a few kilometers we arrived to the water part of the crater. The river has begun to expand and also slow down.  After a while, Váh was so wide that, on the other hand, only the contours of the shore were seen. However, the boring path “lake” has changed soon. In the back we began to blow the wind and soon the waves were raised. At the dam, the dam was reminded more of the sea than the lake.

The dam of Kráová

The next problem did not let you wait a long time. We wanted to pass through the Chamber of Commerce, but we did not see any phone, no contact or frequency on which we would join the transmitter. The semaphore was not lit. I was disappointed with the bare state of the chamber, which was straight to the tower, where the operation of the Chamber and the adjacent hydro power was located. No bell. I nod to the people in the tower, but no response. I’m starting to think that kayaks will have to pass by land. The way to the tower I was to look at the other side of the dam, so I knew it was going to be the hardest carrying boats I’ve ever experienced. After the dam was traffic to the hill of people, so we didn’t want to leave things unattended and we chose a variant to transmit both ships simultaneously. After a few meters we always returned back to the other. The hand is so relaxed and can be replaced. After about a hundred meters, however, we found that with this loaded lily, it will last as two hours and we may need to amputate both hands. Among other things, we have had every bandor with water for a few days. The bunch had an idea to pull the boats after the meadow. This has saved us such an hour of time. The asphalt path led to the flood barrier, so we would have to first meet down and then up. In addition to the fence was a strip of clippings after which we boats successfully pulled up to the gate to the premises of the plant. Then run them down the hill to the road. In that came out from the campus of the guy who told us that the fairgrounds had already been spoiled by the gates, and that we had to go the other side where there was only a short carry. Pretty soon came out. We knew about us since we arrived. I was looking for a number on the Internet, but without success. I called at least the tower in Gabčíkove, whether by accident they have no connection to them. The phone did not have them and since they were broadcast at a different frequency, they were unaware of the transmitter.  To make matters worse, the bottom of the field was waiting for the rocks to be fired, after which we could not pull the boats. We continued to have a meadow next to the place where the boats were put to run a steep slope down to the river. Otherwise, we would have to unload all the cargo from the boats. We were already so excited that we were not those boats. We have been competing with time. In addition to a long journey, we persecuted the black clouds. It looked like a storm. We wanted to get the water before it starts to pour.

Hydroelectric power plant with power 45 MW

After the transfer we gave a quick lunch and continued. He was already lunch and we passed from the morning just a few kilometers away. The weight was the minimum of water and there was a large lake between the bins. Almost standing water. Our speed was less than 5 km/h. At such a rate we will not get behind the light to our goal. The padling was no longer very pleasant. We had to really try not to give up. I suggested to padulate if there is light and when it starts to dim find camp.

Water fall on the dam of Selice

We arrived at the next dam, but also to another non-functional navigation chamber. “Do hell people, what is it with you?”: I was wondering. On the web the serious waterways are photos of the big ice, which sail up to Serede. It has for years not been possible. The navigation chamber on the Selice Dam is buried in the river sand.

Water fall on the dam of Selice

Then the next carry. But this was, fortunately, short, but quite adrenaline. We had the boats to come to the flop. About half the width of the river took off the power plant and the fairer chamber. The rest of the river was rolling loosely down the dam. After a few meters we had run down after a steep slope formed by large balvaners.

Sand deposits

In addition to the conveyor we were still on the water and so we decided to give yourself a short break from padling in the form of a tour of the dam.

Selice Navigation Chamber

The standing water was unfortunately continued under the dam, so we tried to paddle as quickly as possible. Occasionally I have been getting weak shoulder cramps. This is a sign that I need to slow down. I had a steamer who was padulated as a life and so I had a long time with me someone in the COM to be even trying. Normally I am always waiting for someone to wait and the fatigue from padling is only from individual trainings on the Danube.

Huge TRS sulphial

Fortunately, the weather forecast has not occurred and only places bust up. It was not at least warm. On the contrary, for dinner, I had already dragged the scarf to get a warm up.

Cloudy sky

Something after the seventh evening began to rain and so we decided to anchor. We found a sympathic Sandy island. The night was a storm and we didn’t want to be in the woods because of the falling tree. In the rain we built a camp and cooked a quick dinner. I’ve still been crowded. I don’t even know how I fell asleep. The night was only 14 ° C, which was after a long period of warm nights for me to welcome change. After a long time, I finally slept properly.

Second Camp

3. Day

Second Camp underwater

It rained all night until the morning. When it stopped for a moment, we went out to get a quick breakfast, packed and set off to catch up with lost kilometers. We have found that our large sandy island has scaled down. When cooking breakfast I noticed that the water still rises. We kicked so into the propeller and started to quickly pack. Soon, the steamers tent was already underwater. We took it in time. It also had advantages. It was enough to sit in the boat and go. In the evening we had to pull them up. When I bathed yesterday, so when I stood just on the shore, the tents I had overhead. Thus we were definitely at least a minimum of 1.8 meters above the surface.


Increased the weight of the knowledge of awareness accelerated its flow. Our average speed has almost tripled. Still yesterday I had doubts as to whether the comedy is going to come. Now we are thinking what we will do until we wait for the removal.

Shoulder weight

I took a lunch break to explore the river arm.

Sandy beach

The Pebble beaches have sprayed the sand here. Beauty.

Chatka from the days long past

There were several chat areas between Kolár’s and Komar shores. The best times, however, have long been behind.

Houseboty on weight

In Komar Cottages they took up houseboty.

Houseboty on weight

Although most of them are well-tensed and uninhabited, there are also some nice pieces. By Komárna we not only arrived, but we arrived a few hours earlier.

Place of landing in Komar

We have been waiting in the Čárde at the weight, where they have a super operator and very well cooked. This sewage weight had everything that has the correct sewage meet. The first day we were grazing with white water in the wild nature, the other day, we examined our limits of endurance by endless padlations and heavy forage and the third day we took a fast flowing water with a good feeling that we will eventually handle it as planned despite the All the problems along the way. I’m glad that I made a few days to become part of our longest river, next to which I grew up.

Čárda at the weight

The dragonroad has become an unachievable goal now. In the past, the plan was to build a further dam to meet the scales to Žilina. However, it was calculated with the construction of the water works of Nagymaros on the Danube, which was to stabilize the weight level, which depends on the snow and the rainfall. Today, the scales are clogged with sand. It is most in the vicinity of Kolárova, where it will deepen each year by 10 metres. But it only lasts a few months. The water works of Kráová and Selice are in the emergency state. I think that it is no longer a serious waterway in the future. Despite the eurofund, there was no way to see anything to invest in. Everything just a grime. I just enjoyed the fact that currently remained the scales without large ships and perhaps it retains its shape for at least a few centuries.