Around the Croatian island of Rab – non-traditional teambuilding

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About two months ago, after our company Erigones sent out the circular that I organized teambuilding on sea kayaks in Croatia with a night on the deserted islands in the wild countryside. The reactions were different. Most people had a fear of something unknown and many of them even tried to back out. One colleague even likened me to the Fantozziho boss who forced his staff into the bicycle bikes where he was living. I tried to give them a more detailed explanation of how the kayak at sea looks like. Those with a kayak had no experience, they had the opportunity to try it on the Danube. They saw that neither pack for a few days is not such a big deal as the first look looks. They also met our guide to the Thomas from the Vodácke Centrum, which was borrowed by boats and ensured transportation. Fear has sprayed curiosity and desire for charity.

Track record:
1. Day-12.5 km (green)
2. Day-15.5 km (red)
3. Day-17.5 km (blue)
Total: 45.5 km

We went on Thursday afternoon. We recorded things in the car and set off to the ferry to the island of Rab where we had to meet with a colleague who went on a motorbike.

Midnight Ferry ticket to Rab Island
Midnight Ferry ticket to Rab Island

A moment it looked like the last ferry is not going. It was fortunately only a faulty calculation of the GPS arrival time by navigating. The backup plan was to sleep on the concrete pier and in the morning to continue the original plan. I was glad that we were doing this because it would prepare us for valuable time. Next, they were pleased that they would not be at night to run these more than 10 centrimetric long centimeters. The bite of this poisons Centipedo can be likened to the stings of the bees.

We slept in a loungy on the outskirts of Lopar, near the long sandy beach.

While others were building tents, I went on to explore the neighborhood. Rosa has attracted many creatures from hiding places.

Before bedtime I was still redeemed in the sea. Swimming was a total nut, as the sea was very shallow and also 50 meters from the shore there were so a meter of water. When they did the last interviews, I fell into the sleeping bag and long watched the star sky.

In the morning I went to walk around the neighborhood. Everywhere they grew such beautiful ferns, which I would have expected earlier in a damp forest and not on an overgrown meadow.

He fell a great tendon, strategically placing a motorbike on the place where we planned on Sunday to finish. It is the road to the car. While the guys went to park the motorbike and scoop up the water for three days, we had all the boats to the beach. Waiting for them was endless. The temperature soared and the sun’s stay began to be annoying. With a colleague with whom we trained in the Danube last year, we decided to explore the harbor and group of small islands.

Next to the beach was the rental of kayaks. Too bad they everywhere have only “Sit on Top” kayaks that are only usable in nice weather for recreational purposes and are absolutely unusable for sea hiking.

The pair of masts on the hill was an excellent landmark, which was able to see the telescope from the distant islands, or to determine the location on the island itself. I later saw them from the opposite side of the island.

We have traversed our first stop. The island of Goli. The sea was completely calm and so everyone had the perfect chance to learn how to paddle and get to know the driveability of your ship.  The dominant of this already uninhabited island is abandoned by the prison where they were sending political prisoners when Croatia was still part of Yugoslavia. The island was used as a prison for 1. World War II, when Austria-Hungary sent Russian war prisoners from the Eastern Front. In 1949, the island was transformed into a top secret prison and a work camp for the defendants of the communist regime from all over Yugoslavia.

In extreme conditions, there worked around 16.000 political prisoners from which about 500 found death. Over the summer there are 40 ° C heat and the Bóra blows over the winter, which in turn causes temperatures below freezing.

The long time about this prison was not at all talking. Only after the death of Josipha B. Tita issued Antonije Isaković novel about this island of Tren (Moment), which became an immediate bestseller.

The prison was completely closed up in 1989.

The prison is changed in ruins and is gradually absorbed by the Mediterranean flora and fauna.

On the island we can also find many edible plants. Starting with these tasty opunants, huge Mormon, or a number of figures. Perhaps at least alleviated the prisoner of their suffering.

After a pedestrian exploration of the island I was walking waiting for other snorkeling.

Afternoon we set off to the next island of Sveti Grgur, which served the same purpose as the island of Goli but for women.

On the northwest side of the island we found a small beach where we decided to stay overnight. 

Diving on this island was much more interesting. The underwater life here was far more varied.

The slices of sea urgs were dotted with the whole bottom. Assorted colors, different sizes.

The movement of the island was very challenging. From both sides high rocks and very dense vegetation. We tried to get into the female prisons, but after the darkness we would not be able to return the difficult terrain. When the prison was already in sight, we turned and headed for a return trip. The huge inscription JOSIPH Broz Tito pleated from stones on the slope of the hill resembles the dark past of the island and the whole country.

Before that, as I went to sleep, I saw in the distance as she was strained. I did not take a tent, I decided to test my BISAC in more extreme conditions. The night started pouring. Very well I slept, so I just rolled the other side.

The heavy rain was desited up in the morning. It still rained. For the conception of the BISAC he held up. He kept me dry. However, the blanket to which I was decommissioned was completely soaked. The next night would not have to be so pleasant in the case of a similar rain. In the kayak, my rain never bother, so I started to inconspicuous the others to set off. Perhaps it was also the fact that I had a part of the stock came when the people asked about it: “What are you doing, I can taste it?” Since everyone was still offering, I didn’t want to look like a miser. How to harness all the offers were from meat that I just don’t eat. I was looking forward to the way I can pick something under the tooth. I kept running around for a sense of Mulberry from the previous day I ate about a kilo.

After a moment of padling together with a colleague and his girlfriend in a double kayak we got to the tip of the island from which he followed traverse to the island of Rab. In addition to persistent rain and wind, unpleasant waves have been raised between the islands.  I decided it would be better to wait for others. They went down right behind us, but they were going to be slowly. While they arrived we had to quite bravely padulate to keep us wind pushed in the opposite direction. It has been seen that not everyone is enjoying the waves as much as I do. We agree that we will be closer together so that we can quickly help you in case of problems. I’ve gotten a mini lesson “catching waves”. From the outset I did not say anything, as soon as I gasped from several unsuccessful attempts. The first successful attempt added me the energy and the rest of the road I alternately caught waves and waited for others. Several times I jumped on a wave that got me at a missile pace ahead of the way until I was frozen and I was expecting to ever finally slow down. The times I got such a distraction from the wave completely did not cope and I found myself between two successive waves, with the other in the order that the through struck me and almost overturned me. It was exciting to look through the shoulders and see how fast I am from others without padling.

After entering the bay, we got into the way, so the waves were plateed.  It still remained the last few kilometers into the port. We hoped that there will be an open restaurant where we are hired and a bit of a dry. On the second attempt we also succeeded.  Well done. I’ve put a straight three courses, since I knew that again I’m not the earliest until Sunday afternoon. About an hour even came out the sun. I toed all things on the lawn next to the marina. After a moment to me came the captain of the yacht, next to which we anchored the kayaks, pointed upwards and said that it gives 5 minutes. I gave echo to others and started packing.  I sat in kayaking just when it started to rain again. The rain is not up to sometime after midnight.

After a half-hour of the Padua we reached the small island of Maman, where we slept. Every island needs to be explored, and since it still rained I started with the survey right away.

From the hill above the camp was a really nice view of the country and the camp itself with just two private beaches.

Mečík of the ammunition (Gladiolus imbricatus). It is also a rare growing in Slovakia.

The (Cytisus scoparius) is a shrub of the family of Beans (Fabaceae). You can find him around on every island in the Mediterranean.

I kept hoping to stop raining and sleep in the open air. Because of that, but it looked exactly the other way, I needed someone to bring me to the tent. I longed to sleep dry. My chances were I tried to raise the fact that I went before bedtime to peel off. Fortunately, I was primated just in time. The rain has even intensified. I wanted a colleague to cook the soup, but so lialo and blowing that I just wasn’t able to ignite the gas cooker. Before bedtime we discussed the program on the final day. The weather forecast did not look the best and so the plan was to go straight to the motorbike. When viewing the map I decided to detach and go around the western wooded side of the island to the city of Rab. The estimate was based on about 20 km of padlations in strong winds and large waves. I set the alarm clock to set off right in the morning. Later that night I woke up on how my tent strikes the head. It blew a very strong impact wind, which has damaged the tent. Things we had secured and so luckily no one had anything valuable to come.

In the morning, when I rang the alarm clock I climbed from the tent and quickly wrapped up. Still enough to blow up and even if the adjacent gulf in the veil formed the waves here. How about going to look on the high seas? Meanwhile, I asked one of the two possible candidates who had sufficient experience, whether they do not want to go with me a difficult alternative route. They hesitated and in addition I gave them a ultimatum that I am leaving within 15 minutes. The rest of the group had a ahead of about 2 km of padling, I 20. Moreover, we have to grab the last Sunday ferry to the mainland, not to mention the lunch on which I started to enjoy yesterday. I was wondering that I get to the opposite side of the bay and if I appreciate it, it is above my strength, so I can always turn to the place where I would hear others. When I delivered to the road, my guys said they were going with me. On the one hand I was looking forward that I would have a company on the other I was nervous about looking at their still standing tent and mountain unwrapped things. When one of them ignited a cigarette, I sat down into a boat and I told them that I’m going ahead, let me conquer.

When I came to the bay so I realized that it today will not be free. While the guys were caught up, I was catching a paddle wind. It was blowing so strongly that the paddle could be used in the direction of the wind as a sail. I even was able to steer.

Unlike the rest of the island, the west side of Rabu is densely overgrown by a pine forest that has reached the sea. Along with the azo-coloured sea, it created the impression that we are sailing somewhere around the Caribbean. We were able to experience numerous herds of the muflon and the offspring. They allowed us to get closer to the close. Later they ran down the cliffs and disappeared in the woods.

Despite the strong winds I decided to move away from the coast and walk through the last few kilometers of the wide Gulf crossing. I later repent the error. On the high seas, the wind was several times stronger. Even though I was padded as I ruled, the lateral wind took me away from the coast. When a few times almost thrown out a combination of lateral impact wind and a big wave, I said that this is already over my strength. I didn’t even have a pump that I would need for my rescue in the event of a coup boat. I gave him a guy to whom the waves were completely filled by the ship due to inappropriate shpricke. In my head I formed a crisis plan. I had with me fins and neoprene. Without a problem I would be so rested to the coast, but I would come about my ship and outfit. I went back rather against the wind back to the coast and went on the coast where the wind wasn’t so strong. We met almost at the end of the bay, from where we were together to break down to the city of Rab.

After the landing and unpacking of all things even the sun came out and the wind was slain. By phone I connect with others as they are on it. I learned that their about 2 km stretch lasted longer than us. The strong wind first flipped one kayak, in the footer and the other “uninverted” double kayak. In the waves and without the pump, there was nothing else to pull away each other to the nearest shore and drain the water. It could seem like an extreme situation, but our guide was on such a situation wont and the rescue mastered with the help of others so that they had later all a smile on their face. In addition to refrain from actually nothing bad happened. Finally, it was a fantastic adrenalin experience.

In turn, I was able to take advantage of the time window and go to the nice city of Rab.

Although at the price of the missed lunch we managed to catch the last ferry to the mainland. The rest of the car trip I slept. Home I came up sometime around 3:30 in the morning. I call it an interesting teambuilding. I believe that no one felt like Fantozzi when biking and up to a few of the situations we all enjoyed as much as I did.