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I wanted to leave this section of the Danube last. The natural Croatia-Serbian border has about 200 kilometers. However, the acquisition of this relatively short section is very difficult in terms of distance. I have found that it will be the Czech couple, which I met last year in Serbia. We agreed that we can help with transportation. I decided that this unpretentious stretch of the Danube will be met with my dog and my fox in my spare time to train with it.

In the Hungarian town of Moháč I set off straight from work. Journey through the cross across Hungary, which leads almost all over the highway passed very quickly. The paths were empty. After arriving in Moháča I noticed a low flying plane. They made an area spraying against the mosquito. The toxic powder fell to people not only on the head but also into the food. The worst thing about this was that the mosquitoes were slim in large anyway. Some people began to talk about the fact that this spraying of those mosquitoes just broke down.
I had a moskytiera built on a piece of grass in a large parking lot.

Shortly after the sunrise there was very busy, so I stood up and collapsed. He waited us all day “RoadTrip”. My car returned to Budapest, where the parked car of my team was waiting. From Budapest we went straight to the Serbian town of Báčska Palanka, where we left my car. I started my last year’s Danube trip. To avoid long passport checks when re-entering the European Union, I suggested a trip through Croatia. He paid off. We came still after the light.

I slept in the same place and again I was not asleep. In the morning we waited for an exit passport control. Since the sunrise was very warm, I tried to hide somewhere in the shade. The police came an hour later than agreed and all of them terribly long took. Here in the south, no one is going to be rushing. However, we waited almost 50 kilometers in the greatest heat. The warmth was so uncomfortable that we had very often stopped and bathed on the fabulous sandy beaches. In Serbian Apatine, the Serbian police again waited us again. They said that there will wait most until 18.00. However, it was so nice that we completely ignored the time.

Foxo almost during the entire voyage drove to canoe and I had room for myself. Much I have been thinking about life, family or work. In this state of perfect relaxation, I wondered a number of useful ideas that I have just recorded. We cooked lunch at the next sandy beach, which was as gíčová as if it were not. Foxo was in his pitch. Not stopped all day, still full of energy discovered new and new places. Fairground.

The Apatine waited us not very nice harbor. After a passport check I gave dinner at a nice restaurant in the harbor. Later, I pulled a kayak on a pretty distant football pitch where we slept. I was finally completely embroided at the clock training. On a large football pitch he was playing a flying platter. When he no longer ruled the run, we still practiced obedience. Late in the evening we still returned to the restaurant. After the fox she came to provoke a cat. Several times he challenged him. He was not on a leash and still asked me to ask if she could even be counted with interest. The international scandal, in which they would fly hair, I am on the conscience to have not wanted. In addition, we have agreed breakfast here.

The next day on the water went on a frequent bathing on the fabulous beaches. We received an invitation to local fishermen. As soon as we arrived, then on Foxa attacked a kind of cross-wolf. I begged my home to catch him. She shrugged the shoulders that it’s their territory. I picked up Foxa and I put it on my shoulders to save him a handful of mushrooms. But there were two other dogs that were not intimidated and also attacked me. One of the breakup jumped out and included the fox in his feet. At that point, I switched into an offensive fashion, threw it off and spawled him a good kick. We hid into a glass terrace. The home lady, however, opened the door and screed to me that there the dog could not be. In addition, she made the furious dogs in the bottom. I started to slow down the boat and defended the dog’s outfall. Dogs did not leave me, so I grabbed a great log and began to bend. At least they resettled. Libor was built among us so I could embark on a boat and leave. I did not understand what it is for people when they leave to bite a visit to their own dogs. Appable experience.

In the evening we arrived in Bogojeva. We landed in a kind of chat area. I didn’t feel good about that place. There was dirt. A number of noisy people or a hill of stray dogs. On the contrary, in the middle of the Danube, the Sandy Island was more reminiscent of the Caribbean than the Balkans. I suggested that we went to sleep there. The problems were now two. The morning of the seventh waited for another pointless passport check and the island belonged to Croatia. When we asked for it, they told us that we are at risk of prison or in a better case of fine. We said that this concerns a rather unmurder between the serts and the Croatian. We told you that we risk it. The plan was to wait until it starts to dim and then you find some hidden place. Well a few minutes after we caught up on the island, we noticed the ship of the Croatian border police as approaching us.

I stripped into the swimsuit that if nothing else so is at least a spice. When pulling the boat along the long sandy beach I was sweaty as a mouse. Because of the shallow we went behind them into the water. An interesting police check when you are in the Danube. We have explained to them that we want to sleep here because we do not seem to be safe in the Serbian side, and in addition there is noise and dirt. We are the czeves and Slovaks, the inhabitants of the European Union. They nod that they know that on the other hand it does not look very nice. When we said that morning we fall to the other side, so they said that well and with a smile they left.

Foxo has enjoyed it for about the most. Behal loosely on the island and overtook numerous flocks of waterfowl. We were far away from the light Smogu, it was cloudy and the Moon was based up above the rim. Falling asleep by looking at such a stellar sky was a powerful experience. When the stars fell, I wished that there was my family there. But whenever I felt like something touched me, then it was Foxo, which caught something. Some rodent. The next day almost ever sofed.

In the morning of the sixth we got up to get to the other side to the next in a series of absurd passport checks. We have already been in Croatia, but since the Srbi knew us, we returned to the country. When you try to swim up we turned the Croatian police that we have to try on the other side. But we have already gone from Serbia. We were not allowed to stand up to the next passport control on one bank of the Danube. It is officially even closer to 100 meters. Let’s take our Schengen area. The abolition of borders has contributed to my sense of freedom. Local people have such privilege. They speak almost the same language and have recently lived in the common country.

In protest I jumped into the water right out of the kayaking. Since that moment I’ve been doing it still. The canoe crew was also soon added. First of all, they were afraid that they were not able to embark on their ship as well as to kayaking. When they discovered that it was nothing, we were in this way swayed in the Danube very often. You are not only fantastically filled, but it does not lose time. It doesn’t have to stop at all, and the Danube goes away.

Later we stopped at the Croatian fishing family. On the Sandy Island they built a simple shelter where they spend almost all the leisure time. They invited us to eat, give us a meal and drink. We talked about two hours. Nothing we want to take from us and Libor gave them at least a hearing bottle of whisky. It’s not a rakija, but they didn’t want to be rude and they left the bottle. On my way I met a lot of Serb and the Croatian and everyone on the other hand gifted and were hostile. These were the only people who condemnate these hostile attitudes and make them sad for the old times when family members could attend without crossing borders. For the attachment of a motorboat on the other shore, there is a risk of prison today. Differences in living standards have also been increased. In Serbia, the average wage is three times lower than in Croatia. In Croatia, it is too dearly, so parents are unhappy that children are fleing the world. The difference is seen immediately after crossing the border.

In this frontier area it is a forever lively theme. No wonder. There were the bloodiest battles between these two ethnicities, or even ethnic cleansing. Yes we learned about it in school, read in the historical books, but hear it from the mouth of the people who had those horrors experienced on their own skin is a completely different feeling. The Serbs were also bombed by NATO troops. Many times I heard from them about the findings and how they were afraid. For many of them, the sound of the alarm siren was the last thing they heard. The symbolic on this trip was that we were a Czechoslovak team. Two different flags on boats, but among our countries are government friendships. Some locals have praised the peaceful disintegration of Czechoslovakia. They are here due to the disintegration of Yugoslavia and the dispute about the territory they died.

During the day it was under the clouds and so I until afternoons did not wear tanning cream. When we walked around one Croatian village I was left behind to correct this error. Foxo, which in turn drove in the canoe saw a cat. An insanely high and almost perpendicular Stone’s play did not stop and fleed behind her so far as to be lost in the village. We searched it for two hours. I had to go back to the boat for sandals because I had already completely beaten my feet. When I was already reconciled with the fact that I was staying there, so I rang the phone. He called me a local boy that caught him when he demolished a cafe. In luck, my phone number is on the mark. He didn’t want to let it catch and defend himself for life. Too bad I haven’t seen it. He was tied to a table spaghetti. The cafe owner asked me what it got for a mad dog. Since then, Foxa has always been in the boat for sure. The ears are pretty far away. We were lucky, but it may no longer be repeated. This way, I have long failed.

We soon came to the Croatian Borov, where we slept. Before the evening, we had another passport check. In the city there were many white Bocianov. In abundant numbers we meet them every day. We slept right by the water because I had already needed to sleep. She was a cold night, so she finally pleasantly fell asleep. It was raining so I first built a tent. Above the rim the silence of the night has sprayed the noise from the local growths. Not only were they boon, but they also let go of the radio to the full balls. I begged them to be quieter, but they started to verarly invading that they are here at home and the sign of our new friendship to me when it becomes the start to burn plastic bottles and polystyrene. Fortunately, the police came and dissolved them.

Passports returned to us until the morning. Again, the warning that we must not stop on one shore. I slept early in the tenth. Breakfast I missed. Every morning I was very soon standing up not only because of noise, but also for unbearable warmth. The sun was based before half a sixth and it was not at all to sleep at all. The last day on the water we did not hurry. We drove around the most bombed Croatian town of Vukovar. The city remained only ruins and was rebuilt. As memorials this time from the Danube, see a seasoned church tower or a huge water tower. The way home we stopped here. The whole region is lined with war cemeteries.

The way we cooked a good lunch. A swim here almost nowhere could have been. Everywhere was mud or a lot of sharp shells from different kinds of bivalve molluscs, so we once again jumping into the water directly from the boat. A relatively long journey has passed us very quickly. We came up at sunset and started to pack. Even though we had to undergo passport control since we joined the Serbian territory, I was so hungry that I suggested that we went to the restaurant on the Croatian Bank of the Danube. We went through boundaries. We did not seem to see the same thing, and even like the Foxov passport, which I have returned to me so far, I have come back to what I am showing.

Contrary to what would be waiting for us on the other hand, we have given you a great dinner at the upscale restaurant. The previous one is nothing. Compared to the coast of the Adriatic Sea there is very cheaply. Just about anything more expensive than in Serbia. They wanted to let us sleep, but we also slept with the car on a freshly-cut lawn under the local castle. Before bedtime I noticed the hare, which was just a few feet away. As I watched him, he climbs the owl and the hare just once, while the last exhaled. We brought back the fronts. The moment, we measured us and then even with the prey left off. I finally slept well.

In the morning, the police joined us, but we were almost bundled. Just looked and went away. At the restaurant we gave an excellent breakfast and set off for a long trip home. Most of my pilgrimage after the Danube I graduated myself. Having a company is priceless. In this case, I did a better company even could not wish. With Verou and Liborem, the road travelled very quickly.

We talked a lot about the TIDE Regate, under the auspices of which we sailed. He has a lot of absurd rules. They can be ruled out for their violation. For this case we had one ace in the sleeve. One Serbian participant Regatta, our friend, lost kayak. Its a carboron kayak I remember still from last year. He received him from one adventurer, who, while he had himself overcame the Amazon, but was already old and so he had been banned after several incidents. He first sat on him in Kladov. I met him still in the harbor. He was blowing a Košava and on such a kayak wasn’t accustomed. On the first beach stopped and called you a car. This kayak now swam just so in the Danube. I think that we do not even want to go for a few days until the Black Sea.