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4th part of the series about how I was two and a half weeks ago with my dog Fox on the sea kayaking after Serbia and after more than 500 kilometers I found myself up in Bulgaria.

The morning in Smeredeve began to be interesting. Have you ever looked for a toilet in the castle? The bigger and nicer the castle, the greater the risk that you will not find it in time. Long enough I wandered catchers until I found it. Finding a source of drinking water was also a lot of problem. I didn’t keep it and I broke my shower. She followed the way into the water. I am still in the port of a heavy kayak to go the same broken path, but I did not walk through the swamp. I threw the rope around the lamp and the slowly kayak started down about 5 meters high stone barrier. On the water I was already full of optimism. I enjoyed the Iron Gate.

The distance has already been seen in a wavy mountain. I am now very happy with the valley. The Danube has not looked at all as with us. Instead, both shores lined the rocky hills. The left bank has already been Romanian. Without looking into the map, you would see a difference. Unlike Serbia, he looked very modified. Large houses, restaurants, landscaped gardens, wind turbines. It was seen that Romania had at least two decades ahead of Serbia. I took advantage of this and technically. I manually chose a Romanian operator on my phone, allowing me to make a phone call in EU roaming. I also had a Serbian SIM card. However, it served exclusively on data. A minute call home would cost 2.5 euros. I immediately called home.

When the Danube again sped up in a wide rectangular bend, it poured the hills of black storm clouds. This time it is not uniknem. Quickly dress up a jacket, a scarf and I assure everything in case I would swim. I throw the Foxa into the cockpit and zaťiahnem bitter-hard very tight. From the time I saw the clouds to the waves that cheerfully shed me, it was really just a few minutes away. I’ve heard a lot of stories about how the Košava rises at the moment of wool and goes to stiff. I had only some 500 meters in the shore, but the waves did not want to let go. Kulisu have finished lightning whiping in front of me into the water. This needs to be experienced. An indescribable feeling, it’s all unreally beautiful, but about life you no longer decide you.

But I don’t live my life just for myself. I said that to this shore I would also like to drink my soul. Those 500 meters I went for over an hour, but I was committing there. But I could not stand out. In those waves I would be broke about the rocks. But I was already more calm. The chances are that here the lightning is a lot smaller. It was important that at the shore he was able to slow down, but also to padl forward. I started laughing. The storm I had over me, but I was ridiculed. When I approached the city, the people cled me, some twisted my head. In the harbor, I was waiting for “my personal photographer” Mona, who took My pictures and filmed me last days. From Foxa She managed the legend of TID2018. He was jumping two meters to the height of joy, when he saw us as we sway in the port of the Wolves and Foxo will be a bow to the tail as if nothing.

The last thing I was beaten with was to pull the boat out of the water. I was so exhausted that I was not ruled by anything. When I breathed it, I built a tent in the park in the middle of Veliko Gradište and went to swim in the Danube. A bit from me was cooked in a huge kettle of goulash. I asked Fox some bones. He got about a kilo of bone with meat. I can already after the darkness I will give what in every Serbian restaurant-a snail salad. Porcia is worth converting about 50 centers. I usually have two servings. I already had it about 20 different ways. I also tried Serbian salad. Do the same without cheese for double.

That was the day. I lie down to the tent and immediately fall asleep. A moment I properly slip. I almost blown away the tent. I built it just a bit from the Stagu on Guitar Feste Veliko Gradište. They played until dawn. Namely, I hardly slept at all, but played around all my favorite metal and rock songs. Above the rim attacked us with a clamp of stray dogs. I ran out of the tent and most of them are running away. Something like a longhaired pitcher, however, kicked off after me. I would kicked him, but I was barefoot and so just before the bite until my feet got a dose of tear gas. I did not know if it sapphire, but fired as a rocket. The way still crashed into the tree. Perhaps with at least a little bit of sleep. I dreamed of being a monkey. Fie. Morning when I went to scoop up the water, I met him as looking for leftovers after the people they were on Guitar Feste. He was cool, but when he saw me, he immediately ran away.

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