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5th part of the series about how I was two and a half weeks ago with my dog Fox on the sea kayaking after Serbia and after more than 500 kilometers I found myself up in Bulgaria.

After yesterday 60 kilometers and storm I wanted to make a relaxing day. The Danube began to expand right in the morning. The widest part had more than 6 kilometres. In the middle was a large island. To save a few kilometers now, I chose the Romanian side. Behind the island I already risked a clash with the river police, but I was completely one. When you find yourself in such a place, you seem absolutely absurd that someone draws on a map line and tells you that you can’t go here. The huge bay began to be walled in the Strait of a wide range of less than 300 meters. Tall rocks and huge castle right at the entrance to the strait. The Danube began to flow here again. Not as with us, but compared to almost stagned water it was cool. In awe, because of the rocks, it is impossible to get off almost anywhere. I just managed to do it once and I had to jump out of the boat. I already needed to stop and take a dip.

I arrived in the village of Dobra in the evening. I had a tent on the football pitch, right by the water. There was also water, so I washed out all the laundry and drun in a clean kayak. She still roasted the sun and behind the tent was a small area where I was blowing up all things. While I was devoted to my home work, Foxo made a long rope crazy with local children. It didn’t take long and the playground came to perhaps the whole village. While I enjoyed the beautiful sunset, the playground began to show a local folklore ensemble, which later turns into a morning singing Opilci.

It was waiting for us to be relaxing in a nice country. He was pleasantly pofukovalo from the morning so she went really pleasantly. I stopped me from being taken away by a river mile. I noticed that Foxo remained completely slack. The Ledva stood on his feet. In the canyon, I didn’t stop knowing it, but I stuck it at least on a long rope, let it be running around. He wasn’t even able to jump out of kayaking. He was underlamed by his legs. I put it in the cockpit and immediately fell asleep. He did not react to the barking of a dog who grafted on a anchored motor vessel.

The first place to get off I found up in the afternoon. It was one of those dirty fishing chatras. Ujo had a large pot with oil where it fried all possible species of fish. Gave the Fox an unpoisoned remnants. I knew only the jesemotor. Even though the barely walked and still cried, she picked up a full sheet. When nothing else was I was happy to give him tastes. Fall asleep. He didn’t ever get up and so I put him in the boat he was living alone.

About two hours ago I arrived at the sandy beach in Donji Milanovac. I was so hungry that I didn’t even look for a camp, I left everything on the beach and went to get some sort of under the tooth. Only the cafes themselves. In one they had ice cream and WIFI, so I stopped at least there, let me write home that Foxo at least began to walk. Later on, I also found a restaurant and camp. It was, however, so far that I decided to sleep on the beach.

In the restaurant I met the old captain of the boat from Tekije, who walks the cargo ships all over the Danube. He just started his two-month vacation. He already had spied and sped me who I am and what I am doing there. I told him that I came to kayaking. He curled his head that why I lie, I am with the dog. I showed him pictures and he just grabbed his head and handed me a hand that I am king. It insisted that we have to put it together down. I had to explain to him that in addition to the fact that I had a whole day padlled I have an unguarded kayak on the beach. He began to laugh and said he already understands why I drink only a swintle water (so called minerale). Long time we talked. He still wondered that as a man as I can speak to the Satanic language-English. He taught me to learn Russian. Every moment, he showed me the icons of the Orthodox, which had a full wallet and a full cellphone. When he discovered that I go to Tekije, where he lives, he invited me to home.

Later I returned to the beach. Everything in place. I tried to give the fox a grenade, but didn’t touch them. On the cliff above the beach was a shelter where there was a micro pub. Only one fridge with Bottles. I waited there until the sun snaps, people depart from the beach and I can finally lie down. Foxo was still completely out. He probably had a fever because he shook. I put him on his knees, where he immediately fell asleep. The worse was that I had a whole cleansing. Nor has he been bored. Fortunately the beach was a shower. When she was dark, so I built a mosquito and went to sleep.

About 20 Serb arrived at around midnight. You have a music. In turn, I won’t sleep. Worse was when I found out that they built the ring and started to boxing. They were hitting the blood. They had even a moderator who took every opportunity to yelled that they were going after Kosovo. From what I understood, the lyrics were also quite themed. The studs are just everywhere. Foxo on them occasionally snicked and they shopered something. Fact there is no better place to sleep. They ended up above the rim. In the morning the beach was covered with garbage and blood. Foxo is an action dog. I probably took it apart from me at night enjoying it because the morning woke up completely fit. She picked up the full bowl of granule and waited until we go. We expect a difficult stretch of iron back, where the whole day cannot be stopped. But it is also the most beautiful stretch of the Danube in Serbia and the nicest thing I have seen so far.

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