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It started by inviting him to a family visit for a long time ago. However, for a recent addition to the family, we have to wait a while to travel. By default I am writing about my kayaking trips, but in this case I decided to write about Finland as such.

Helsinki and the whole of Finland are a paradise for nature lovers and outdoor activities. There are many large parks in the city where people go to relax from a daily routine.

In the days of work, most of the phins are delivered to the woods on foot, bicycles, kayaking, or winter on the runners or snowshoes. Many of them own somewhere around the lakes, which there are more than 300.000, chat. You can camp anywhere in the country. At one point you can refrain from a maximum of 2 days. Nature here belongs to everyone and almost everyone here to her have a strong relationship.
Everywhere you can collect forest fruits and mushrooms, even in the national parks, which are unreletre.
The most recent uninhabited places of this planet can be found in the north of Lapland. In the wild wilderness you can roam for weeks without having to meet another person or a trail after his activity.
Getting to Helsinki is quite easy.  From our convention you will get a direct flight from Vienna or Budapest. If you have time, you can save on flight tickets through the capital city of Estonia-Tallin and follow about 2 hours by sailing through the Finnish Gulf to Helsinki. The ferry company Eckerö Line rides about 2x a day. We’ve used stock return tickets for just 10 euros.
I have not yet been in the Baltic Sea. The greater the surprise was when I found it to be about 10x less salty than the Adriatic sea and even live freshwater fish here. The most common fish here include perch, toothsmith, Pike and platýz. Water birds are also more reminiscent of the river or lake than the sea.
In addition to the fact that the Baltic Sea is quite cold despite the summer, it is also very polluted. It is very shallow and the retreat here is a lot of polluted rivers from the surrounding countries. I didn’t get discouraged and a couple of times I got robbed here.
Thanks to the low salinite sea over the winter freezes. People use it as an infinite ice rink and instead of boating, they travel to the nearby islands of ice skating. Finland is also the largest producer of ice breakers in the world. In the sea here you can catch fish without permission.
The Helsinki Archipelago1 consists of more than 2000 islands. Most of them are also possible to sleep. Some of the selected features include a log cabin, which is equipped with a fireplace, wood and often a dry toilet. Even in them is toilet paper. Do not forget to add:) when leaving. Similar log cabins are located almost all over southern Finland. They are paid by the state, but they take care of them all.
During the short summer, Helsinki has a number of lodedies where kayak can be rented. Worse it is already in September and later. It is already relatively cold and almost still blows and rains. Kayaks are best booked in advance. It is quite expensive to our ratios, but you will be pleasantly surprised at the level of service. Kayaks can be reached in 100% condition and including equipment. The equipment counts in addition to the quality of the jackets and vests as well as a dry suit, storm CAG, Neoprenon hands, or a map and a compass. There’s no stop. Day trips include a sleeping bag, a tent, camping equipment, including dishes, a cooker and drinking water bags. A varied selection of waterproof bags is of course.
Once you have a kayak and all the necessary equipment, you need to plan your route. The city islands are located on the west side of Archipelagami. Most of them are inhabited. There is also a very dense maritime transport. Often there is fog, so you can find yourself very quickly in a dangerous situation. In the fog, Helsinki has a sinister pipe of large ships. In contrast, the eastern part of the Archipelagami consists mainly of uninhabited islands and only a minor is flying. You will find wild nature, far from the tourism capital.
Kayaking here is more challenging due to unstable weather. Rain can reach you at any time and when it rains here, it rains right here. Moreover, a strong wind that often changes direction rapidly reduces the feeling temperature. The wind can make the padging a nice nuisance. However, the amount of the island can be used as an adversous shield.
Sometimes it is so better to choose a longer route in the Driveting islands and avoid such unpleasant winds and waves. No need to forget the navigation. Archipelago is well covered with mobile signals including 4G Internet. It’s not, however, at 100% and it’s better to have offline GPS navigation. In the case of fog, any landmarks are unnecessary. You will be glad to see you on the tip of kayaking.
In addition to the weather you may also surprise the shallow, especially near the islands. It is not always marked with a boron. In the waves then it can easily happen that from nowhere you fly into the icy water. Look out for slippery rocks when exiting from a boat. I redeemed because of them now 2x and I was not the only one. I hope to get back here once.
Finland impressed me. It is a country where people weigh not only nature, but also the country in which they live. There is the lowest criminality in the world, advanced education, or a functioning social system. It’s seen at every step. People are very nice, they all run according to regulations and pay taxes. They just really love their country. Visiting this Nordic country I can recommend to everyone.
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