This is machine translation.

As part of my this annual goal to meet the sea kayaking for 20 days all over Serbia I have been looking for a place for proper training. I recently got with a steamboat Tomáwer opened a shop with kayaky and equipment and so I have the opportunity to use the most advanced what the market has to offer. However, every piece of equipment needs to be learned to use and, of course, to try in real terms. It is not enough to just train with an “empty kayak” in the Karloveská Cove, but to go somewhere in the terrain. I got a bid to join the parte of the waterworks in Croatia however, for my training it would not be sufficient and when the dude was not, if we’re not on the water I designed to meet the Danube river between the German towns of Ingolstadt and Passau. Besides being my last unfulfilled stretch of the Danube, I was looking forward to the fact that I can also take the dog Foxa, who also needs to train.

Time was very little, we all dealt with the march. In the evening after work we moved to Ingolstadt, where we had agreed parking at the local shipyard. There was, however, so many mosquitoes that we had straight turned around and they drove at night to see this very nice city. Late at night we got back there. I quickly built a mosquito, stuck Foxa on a long rope and fell asleep. In the morning I found out that Fox ripped the collar. Fortunately, nowhere did he go and slept right next to me.

After a quick breakfast, we went straight to the Danube. It is about 240 km to Passau. We had only three and a half days. The plan was to meet as much as possible during the first few days, so that the last day was to move the train back. Well it is easy to say but harder to do. The Danube has almost not flowed. In addition to the fact that it was unusually low, and in the shipyard, there was also a number of dams. Only the first day we went through 3. This pace I have chosen deliberately. So I will work in Serbia for almost a month. It can be managed in a little discipline.

The first half of the journey we had without ships. Great boats you see up somewhere in Regensburg. However, they were gradually increasing, and soon they were far more than with us. The Danube here is a really busy water route. With six crossings, we transferred to the trolley only two times. We have used a small hand-operated navigation chamber for the first time. In other cases, slide. The last carry-over was actually our target-dam Kachlet in Passau, where we finished this sewage. While we got permission to enter the chamber, the condition was to wait for the next ship, on what due to the train was not the time.

This stretch of the Danube goes almost constantly outside civilization. I had no idea at all, so I didn’t even baled any food. I had only a bag full of apples and a few oranges. In the section down from Passau you will find a restaurant right on the water perhaps every hour. So I had a reduced diet at the same time. Apples fell right the first day, Foxo is an apple leather and so I still helped with them. To me, his granules, conversely, do not inadvertently. The other day I from the local traded some granite with butter and cheese. Nothing else had. Finding some trade was almost impossible. Without Internet coverage, you won’t find anything. The villages were always far away from the water. A couple of times I went to ask for a shop or restaurant, but everything was at kilometers away. In addition, 2 days of taste rained.

We mastered the bloodless pace and arrived at the dam of Kachlet in time. As I remembered the boat we were waiting to wait and so we took advantage of the large carts from the yard, which resides right on the dam. Under the discharge of the power plant does not have to swim, but I had only a few minutes to take a ride and hit the train station. According to Google Maps I had only a 10 minute reserve. I have long been really eaten. Along the way, the petrol was just where the dog did not want to let go. Roughly a hour of fast walking and I was at the station. After three hours and three tranches I was in Ingolstadte. It was hellish hot. After the previous cold and rainy days I am unbearably. She waited me almost a two hour walk through the city to the car. After the road no trade nor a kčma where I would have bought at least water. At least Foxo is napailed with a fountain. In the shipyard where we left the car was partying. She was there so hundred people and it took me more than an hour to invent out from there.

The trip to Passau was fast. I first had the opportunity to go after the German freeway without kayaks on the roof. I used the opportunity to ride without a speed limit on a semi-empty road and a steamer already wrote a message before Passau, whether I arrived at the car. For a while I was a nod from the window. We loaded kayaks and car outfit and the nearby Croatian restaurant I finally really hired. Super trip.

About a 5 km long canyon in front of Kellheim was reminiscent of more of a Norwegian fjord than the Danube. I’m looking forward to iron gates!