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1. Part of the series about how I was two and a half weeks ago with my dog Fox on the sea kayaking after Serbia and after more than 500 kilometers I found myself up in Bulgaria.

The first difficulty on this tripe started before ever started. About a week before the start I had a proper cold. I solved it so that I postponed my way a few days. So I did not start in mohái as I planned, but in the Serbian town of Bačka Palanka. Instead of training and checking the gear I lay in bed.

In the evening before leaving, I was getting everything in the car and I was hoping that I was, as usual, nothing important to forget. With my wife we chose a longer trip outside Dialnic. In Serbia, we have not yet been and thus at least something we will see. After about five hours of driving we reached the Hungarian-Serbian border where we waited about an hour. Nicely it starts. The Serbian side was only one unimobunka. It also ended the asphalt road and continued on the Field road.  It was fortunately just a decoke due to the remodeling of customs.

After arriving in the first village we found ourselves in the past. It looked like a countryside in 90 years in Slovakia. The atmosphere has been finished with horses drawn by horses. Even though it was Sunday, every corner was an open bakery. From aunt on the road we bought a 2 euro bag full of fruit. We arrived sometime in the evening in Bačka Palanka. The center was quite busy. We gave dinner. Here I am the first to find that dogs in the restaurant do not like and certainly do not support them by bringing them on demand a bowl of water. This has been smoked everywhere, so I used a bowl of ashtray.

After dinner we joined the regate. During the construction of the tent was a lot of Slovak speaking local. In the city is a large community of Slovaks who live here for 250 years. Some have known Slovakia as if they lived there for a lifetime. Who knows the village of Malinovo in Slovakia, where we live? We received an invitation to dine in the Slovak House, which is a sort of cultural center of local Slovaks. A special feeling of speaking is so far from home English and looking at the great Slovak flag.

We learned how the Slovaks got here and how those 250 years live. Although it is not advisable for foreigners to never start a topic of war in Serbia, Serbian Slovaks from Vojvodina have literally found themselves in conflict. Yet many of them have prepared for life. We are happy to tell you how they have experienced them. For those who are interested as today’s world really works, this is a very good source of information. After an all-day journey we were properly enpoised and so we had already so much too late to choose the tent. Foxo at night a couple of times triggered a barking on the sucky people returning from the disco.

In the morning I cooked breakfast, which in addition to packing the tent of the TROUGHK. We wait until they open a coffee shop on the beach. I needed to add a water supply to a hot day. During the drinking of coffee we took turns in the joys of the fox fur from those little sticky balls. I was nervous. I hate packing. Then it’s very first. Full trunk car, which needs to be moved to 2 small suitcases in kayaking. This “Sokoban” is always best to try at home. I knew that I have a lot more things than usual, and that they can all not be collapsed. After an hour of packing I gave up and tied up a large waterproof bag on a kayak. It’s not important to just get it all in a kayak, but also have an easy-to-reach what I need in a given moment. After more than an hour of Tetris I was so sweaty that I went to the nearby beach to put the shower.

Opposite Croatian village
Opposite Croatian village

I said goodbye to my wife and sat down with Fox on the water. I was wondering where I’m going. I told myself that I will go until I want to. Maybe end up tomorrow, maybe up in the Black Sea.

The first 50 km down Danube went pretty quickly. The Danube is very slow here, but I was dedicated to testing the solar panel and studying the map. Before Novim Sadom I met a couple of kayakars who started to ask me where and where I go. You will not experience this up in Germany and Austria. People here are much more friendlier and communicative. And even if most of them don’t speak English, they can talk to them somehow.

Cows, horses and pigs in the Danube I met together with wild fooling every day.

The Danube looks similar to us, but it is much broader and is dominated by sand over the gravel. The extremely low level of the river has uncovered the infinite long sand beaches. Everywhere they swam the dead shells, which apparently did not catch to escape the fast-water.

I soon stepped up in the new Sade on the city beach where there were so thousands of people. People’s lives are far more connected to the river, such as Vienna or Bratislava. Actually everywhere was seeing some life. On the shore, the heat has been blurred. On the water I did not come at all that is from the morning through 30 ° C. I pulled the boat into the campsite.

While building a tent I realized that I have a whole belly bloody. Under the tip I found a little surprise in the form of four bloody wounds stretching around the perimeter of the body. Not in vain it is said that the new outfit should be tested at home. I did not observe this rule for the disease and the first day I added to it. I had a brand new vest. Everywhere I got through the lycric shirt touching me up to the blood of the groove. The worst thing was in the armpits, where due to the padlothing most of me has taken off. I then opened the pharmacist and combined first Septonex to disinfect wounds and then sudo cream.

I’ve been committing! 🙁

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