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2nd part of the series about how I was two and a half weeks ago with my dog Fox on the sea kayaking after Serbia and after more than 500 kilometers I found myself up in Bulgaria.

I could not paddle, so we made the tourist day Novim Sadom with Fox. He was just a hot day. In the city it was even worse. When I got out of the campsite he stopped me from the doorman that the campus was strictly forbidden to enter the dog. I explained to him that I came over the water and I had no such thing as to know.

Between the Bridge of Liberty and Petrovaradin Bridge There was also a cyclo route on the dam, two large parks, several rental companies and kayaky shops. The city beach, which was fenced and at the time of peak and charged, ended in about half. I took advantage of it and went to a swim with the fox. Even here was the hill of the home, what you came to swim, to invent dogs or to just tear. Nobody rushed here. What I remember in our childhood.

The landmark of the city on the Danube is the monumental Petrovaradinská fortress, where the Exit music festival was in progress. One of the 10 largest and best-rated music festivals in Europe. 15 years ago, students were organised to protest the political regime. They came here with all the famous world bands and so became very popular until today. I learned this only thanks to the great fire over the Danube, which lit my tent at night. In a nicely maintained town there are many other historical monuments. I wandered the city until the late evening.

I have also forgotten that the campus of the city Beach does not leave me with the dog. With the SBSA I have long been guessing that if nothing else so there I have a tent even with all things. I finally suggested that the dog will remain only when it becomes so that no one has seen it, it cannot mind anyone. A couple of times they called the supervisor and nod. In that night, the clamp of stray dogs twice attacked us.

Above the rim he tore down the downpour. First of all, I was delighted to finally cool, but after a while I had to become about centrimeter water. I find that the build tent on the foil may not be up to such a good idea. Water was collected on the foil and the bottom of the back was already very old tent in the bottom. Everything was completely wet. In the morning I had a fun cared for. Fortunately, the sun lit up and now I completely dried up. At least I have found that the foil under the tent must never be overflowing so that the water can drain freely or In the ground. In the way to the beach I stopped again by the Sbskars due to the PSU. I told me here with the dog they embarted, and even so I’m going away. They wanted to down, so I threw Foxa into the cockpit and knocked them up. Something yelled, but I did not turn. I put down the trolley and sat down on the Danube.

Once again I looked at Petrovaradin’s fortress, this time from the water. They were parked military ships with lots of machine guns and a large crew. During the day I stopped many times, so I was rocking and painted wounds. At every stop someone came to ask the dog, so I had the company cared for.

Because of my wounds, I was not rushed and often stood. In the village of Stari Slankamen I came to the evening. The campsite was in the hospital area. There were literally thousands of belorítok. Their nests have adorned completely throughout the hospital. There were dozens on each balcony. I got a tip on the shower in the hospital engine room so I finally showed at home. After the sun, they started attacking the frowns of mosquitoes. In the way I would not keep in such a warm and so I Vidal find some restaurant or at least a pub where I hide. In the way, we attacked a three-member clamp of stray dogs. But they could not be intimidated and also jumping after me. She helped a few stones.

In the morning I got ready to not have to catch up after a challenging trip to Belgrade. Even so I had to wait long until I get on the water. On a small ramp at the port there was too much boat waiting until they reach the water.

The country has gradually begun to change. The right shore turned into a tall sandal reef. They started to shape the storm clouds for about lunch. When the river is wide enough, it can be seen only after the horizon. It gives a unique opportunity to observe how such a storm arises. From a clear sky with no frosts to a black priest with a pile and pale. For the day I managed to edge this storm to go up twice without me being beaten. Me it came out for a few drops. Later, I learned that they were falling big hail and a lot of paddle had to be hidden for a few hours. First because of the storm, later due to the waves.

Just a few kilometers ahead of Belgrade, there was a huge explosion that illuminated the whole sky for a while. During a few minutes they began to fly over to me by the fighter jets. Along with the storm it was an exciting theater.

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