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3rd part of the series about how I was two and a half weeks ago with my dog Fox on the sea kayaking after Serbia and after more than 500 kilometers I found myself up in Bulgaria.

The vast city of Belgrade is already on the sight. Unlike the Nove set in me, it raises completely opposite feelings. The suburbs are lined with gypsy Slumdog in the same way as in kusturic films. Later, I come to a large housing complex that recalls that the war has ended only recently. The rest of the Danube coast will complete neglected shipping docks and the amount of tensing factories. Sad look. Later, I found that Belgrade looks just from the Danube. There is a river Sáva in the city centre in the Danube. All life in the city is centered here. Belgrade is in fact a prosperous and fast-growing city, but paradoxically it is populated in the center and grows on the suburbs.

I am the two storms, but the third I had behind my back. Instead of padling into the mouth of the Sávy I dig into the helicopter and I start looking for a place to sleep. The campsite is this time right next to the river Police. In such a large city is the police next to the tent welcome. He remained still pulling the kayak up after the high dam. As soon as I got out of the boat, I caught him two young Serbs. They wanted to earn. I explained to them that their help is welcome, but they have to listen to them because when I turn the kayak again and pass the cart after the padlock, I will give them straight to the papuli. A couple of times I followed them to go slow and finally help me with a kayak up to where I built a tent. They received every 100 dinars and they were satisfied.

 During the construction of the tent, the sun was in the middle of the storm. I still got caught by the shower and the storm was here. I hid into a nearby restaurant and savour a natural theatre. Thousands of seagrls were fleshed before the storm. More than a river here, the Danube reminded some Sea bay. The Danube here was more than a mile wide and when the storm came was not seen on the opposite shore. Lightning whiped well directly into the water. I would not want to be on the water, and I have our Slovak storms also like on the water. It was pleasantly cooled and rained until morning. I had to improvise and invent as Foxa hide from the rain without letting him go to the tent. He understood it and nicely slept until the morning.

The next day I was instead of padling to the Sávy went with the Czech guides for the car to the new set. I find that in Serbia dogs can not ride on the bus. I tried to ukate them. Finally, I did a check-in that I have to agree directly with the bus. The Serbs are completely in the arm and the bus to which we bought the tickets did not come. Everyone was sending us to another bus and we’ve just laughed at it, that we’ll see when, where and if at all we’ll go. Almost an hour later we mounted on a completely different bus. FoxA embarted without any problems. I didn’t go to another bus anymore. The rest of the road we went by taxi, which was about 10x more expensive than the one before and in addition, I still had to refill for the dog. Way back we stopped in the center of Belgrade. A number of historical monuments contrasted with the Megalomanal exhibition from the time of socialism. In the past, the exhibition city is no longer maintained today. War and subsequent business and political embargo have slowed the development of the city and the whole country for several decades. Before the war, Yugoslavia was a thriving economy. Anyone who shone the European Union and the decision we have done together would send to the Balkans. He could see how Slovakia could look today.

The following day waited me again 50 km in the fortress of Smeredevo. After Belgrade I was turning right and did not go after the main flow, but a long shoulder. He paid off. Rich fauna and flora and especially no ships. Thus pretty much any ships. Wood has been mined, which has been directly loaded on the ship. In the afternoon, I met the boat with the kamower who pulled the kayak and let it take off to Smeredeva.

After arriving in Smeredeva, I admired luxury villa houses right on the Danube bank and later the fortress itself. Worse it has already been with finding the entrance to the fortress. It was the mouth of a small river that was dragged into the Danube. However, it was too dry and the mouth was actually one big and resisively stinky of the swamp. Foxo thought he could walk after him. Well as soon as he jumped into the water, he began to melt. The dense flora prevented him from swimming. In addition to being almost drounted, he was impossibly dirty on and also the whole ship. Without the help of passers, we would have gotten very hard from there. The fortress still led a long journey.

The hard-loaded kayak did not last and moved so that the counter between the cockpit and the back of the suitcase was completely unglued. A leaky kayak is something that will always delight you. Since this I did not know the point of repair, I had to improvise. I divided everything into the front and rear trunk depending on whether it can dunk. Whenever I have charged the water, for example, from the big waves I stopped and dried the back trunk. Later, I found out that you just have to let a kayak on the slope and the water itself flows out. Wrapped things didn’t matter. Stan and sleeping bag were still dry. The shoes I had, however, were still moist and slowly began to ruff canned. I took advantage of a little remaining time and went to look at the city. I had time just to ninth. It was then the gate of the fortress. At the great Orthodox Church there were about a hundred young children who danted and sang. It will no longer see us. I went through the old town, gave you dinner and ran back into the fortress.

He was still just tonight, but I was no longer off the way back to the water. I will no longer go through the swamp! Tomorrow, we are already crossing the Romanian borders and entering the iron back. Because of this, I went here. I still study the map and I fall asleep.

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