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The 6th part of the series about how I was two and a half weeks ago with my dog Fox on the sea kayaking after Serbia and after more than 500 kilometers I found myself up in Bulgaria.

Hazy in the morning, the weather was sprayed soon. By Tekije, my next stop is about 35 km. In the most beautiful part of the iron back was not possible for steep rocks nowhere to stop and so we were all day in the boat. I didn’t mind it, it was something to admire and so I was not rushed. Yesterday, however, I did not change the battery in the camera. The replacement was in the trunk kayak, where I did not know to get. I didn’t rest anything else just try taking pictures of the phone. In addition to the fact that the quality of the photos is pathetic, I had to be careful that the phone did not end in the Danube. It was the only way to call for help in an emergency.

That you are in the right place, you will recognize here very easily. The number of motorboats with tourists has been driven everywhere. The Danube is narrower in these places than with us, and since the boats go mainly along the Romanian side of the river, I have to keep a lot of attention. The bountiated waves are rolling out from all sides. Foxo has arranged it. Gradually, we stopped more and more boats and cruise ships. All of us took pictures. Djerdap had an extra attraction on that day.

In addition to the infinite long canyon with tall rocks, I stumbled upon the cave. One can also go kayaking. So I walked in the bottom, but after a few meters I had already hampered the stones that I had not seen because of the darkness. We could get off and continue walking, but I didn’t use this option. In Romania I was illegal and I did not want to be unnecessarily long. Foxo has also not felt comfortably in complete darkness. A bit further was another expansive cave complex where he once secretly produced guns.

Everyone knows Mount Rushmore. Close to the Orthodox Monastiera built in the rocks directly on the Danube there is the statue of the last king of Dations-Decebalus. Largest in Europe. Symbolically sets the border of the country whose independence was defended before the invasion of the Romans just Decebalus. The traces of the Roman Empire are here to see this day. We like to have a variety of messages in the rocks.

I really recommend this stretch of Danube to everyone. If I had more time, I will certainly use it and walk through the rocky comb. The views of the mountain must be amazing. More reason to get back here sometimes.

By Tekije I arrived about an hour before the sunset. The beach was occupied by fishermen. A bit higher on the hill was a big uncut meadow where it would put a tent, but the road there would be pretty heavy. A heavy kayak would be entertained on the Pebble Beach. I decided to stay on the beach and sleep just so on a blanket. So many places hopefully I can find. Croatian fishermen offered me a place with their car. I took advantage of the last light and washed my laundry. A short walk from the beach on the hill was a restaurant with a perfect view of the Danube where I enjoyed the sunset. When I hit my usual daily dose of fluids-3 large bottles of mineral and arranged 4 Shopal salads, I chose back to kayaking. The small beach was completely filled with ships. I lahol therefore on a strip of gravel, which remained between the car and the kayak.

In the morning I woke up as if I beat me. I’m looking to be pambal. Long enough I took me until I managed to stand at all. I didn’t know at all to rotate my head. Terribly hurt my neck and back. Don’t help or sit down and lie down. A coordinated transition to the Iron Gate 1 chamber was scheduled for the Eletist hour. I decided to go right away. I did not know how fast I do it on the water in this state will go, and whether I get somewhere. To Kladov it is only around 25 km. Fortunately, I had a calm position found in kayaking and the padling was the only movement that got me up so unhurt.

When I arrived at the huge dam, there was already a majority of regatta waiting here. So together on the water it’s a nice look. When waiting to open the door of the fairway, many people stop me. More than I was interested in the course of Foxo. I had in mind still taking off somewhere away so I didn’t have to think of that unbearable pain. The worse was the surprise when the chamber opened and was next. Overall, we dropped 2 hours in the chamber. When I finally came out of the chamber, I sped up a bit up, so I looked the dam from the bottom and immediately I started looking for a place to stop.

I managed to do it after a few kilometers. I found a dirty beach full of garbage. However, I had such pain that it was completely one. I quickly cooked lunch and reached out on the rocks. As soon as I found a suitable location, I slept hard. I woke up after about two hours on the Foxmen brechot. The goat was reaped from the bowl and it was not afraid. Whenever he jumped into it, he gave him a header. I had to crack down because it could break the head smoothly. When he handed out the instinct of self-preservation, the foxterrier was probably not lost.
To Kladov it took me still about an hour. I knew the campsite was in the fortress, but nowhere could I get off the water and no longer pull the kayak. I was fortunate, the local fishermen advised me that the fortress can be reached even after water by the River Canal, which began in the city port. Still about 200 meters after land and I was in strength. I built a tent and put my shower, which was actually just a hose hung on the tree under which the knee was nettle. I started out into the city to get some sort of dinner, but I didn’t return to the campsite anymore.

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