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7th part of the series about how I was two and a half weeks ago with my dog Fox on the sea kayaking after Serbia and after more than 500 kilometers I found myself up in Bulgaria.

At dinner I was wondering how I will continue. I am a mere walk of my problems. I was wondering that the best will be to sleep out in bed. Kladovo is a pretty large city. The search engine found a good looking hotel for a few euros. For sure I’ve called it if I can come up with Fox. Along the way I found an open party where I was going to buy a razor blade. I wanted to take advantage of a real bathroom in the hotel and make a makeover for a while.

When I walked out, the stuck Foxa I found there. When I yelled at him on the whole street, he started barking. He stole him local growths. I started off right behind him and the panic was splashed angry. At my request, he immediately embarks on him, responded with some sheer speech, so I struck him straight in her face and Foxa picked up.

After arriving at the hotel, I was expecting another unpleasant surprise. They did not let me with the fox or the hotel reception, claiming that the hotel has a ban on entry with animals. Since I confirmed the reservation with the dog, I insisted on Tim that they either let me out with him or replace the damage and my expenses are staying somewhere else. They wanted me to throw away when I shouted them on the street because of their sleep error I will not. Then someone came and said, let me forgive.

But Postel did not help and the whole night I could not fall asleep. The pain still worsened. In the morning I was way back to the campsite stopped at the pharmacy where I described the problem and the pharmacist gave me some pills that supposedly work very well. In Serbia they do not play on medical regulations and without any problems you will get anything.

I stopped for breakfast and began to think how to get home. Except that I was pretty far away, so was the center of the week and I needed the addition of myself and the dog to take away the kayak. When it looked hopelessly he was a buddy, which although such a car did not, but said that he would come. First, he seized me terribly uncomfortable feeling of overplay. I didn’t go to the finish line. Then I wrote a home that a few days I was home and the unpleasant feeling replaced the joy that I will soon see them.

Meanwhile, I probably took up the drugs and although it still hurt, at least I could normally walk. Kamoš calls that he eventually borrowed the car cancelled. I had very mixed feelings of this. I was looking forward that maybe I’ll have a chance to fight further, but I was also sad that I won’t see my baby. I left this free course. I finally slept. I don’t even know when I normally slept all night.

In the morning I woke up reborn. It waited 50 km to the beach in Brza Palanke, where passport control was agreed. I had a great doubt about my decision to go on the water, but if I had not caught the passport control, I would have somewhere to leave things and go to the police myself. It was a struggle from the first moment. As soon as I walked out of the harbor I felt a strong wind and wave.

I was soon to catch up with Mary. I saw him death in his eyes. She has shown a faster kayak in Kladov, but found it not very stable and the metric waves are not the best place to test the new kayak. I went rather with it. In Kladov he lives and so I had the perfect interpretation of the whole neighborhood and all the attractions. On the beach just a few kilometers behind the city we stopped. He said he goes on and will wait until he stops blowing. Error!

The wind still forceful and how the Danube once again began to expand both the waves and their resistance. If they went against me, it was fine. Then if I think of it, I felt the same as in the padling upstream of Devín. The whole 50 km stretch was actually one huge bend. The wind gradually began to blow from the side and it was already whole wrong. The waves that go from the side are not funny because they will easily match you. It was a little better at the region, but even so I had to do a hose to have as much stability as possible, but at the same time I would be pamfed at a reasonable speed forward. I was at least experiencing pain when struggling with waves.

I was really hungry. Nowhere is any store or restaurant. Thus, in fact, there were several, but all in Romania, where I did not. Turn that meaningless boundary. From time to time I looked into the navigation. I wondered in which part of the bend the wind will be blowing under a more suitable angle. Additionally, the river kilometers you see only when you go near the shore. The Danube is so wide that it does not help mostly or binoculars.

About half the road already blew the wind again perpendicular to me, the waves were not too big so I reached the sail. Even on the lateral, not very ideal wind, I sails over 6 km/h. Gradually he started to get my wind blowing in the back and it was a fantastic feeling. Speed approx. 18 km/h. The last 16 kilometers I went through with a folded paddle up to the beach where I slept. The pain completely disappeared. Bomb!

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