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The 8th part of the series about how I was two and a half weeks ago with my dog Fox on the sea kayaking after Serbia and after more than 500 kilometers I found myself up in Bulgaria.

The next very early morning was waiting for a passport check and as soon as I was retarged to Brza Palank I was building a tent and I am preparing for a day long voyage of over 50 km. As I came to the beach shower I shouted from pain. I went on the seeds of some creeping plants that turned me deep into both feet. It was like soiling up on nails. I gradually pluck them and went to eat in a nearby restaurant.

In the morning I almost stood up and went to find police officers due to passport control. Back pain has sprayed the pain of the feet. Some seeds were Polak and they left me deep in the legs of the Thorne. Every climb to the ground was painful, fortunately in the kayaking I did not interfere at all, and so I, despite the strong Košice, went into the goal without any problems. Places were such waves that I had to go to one of the shores. There was no difference between padling downstream and upstream. It was enough to stop padling and now I started reversing. I did not have to stop the officially on one bank of the Danube. Entertaining in all-day padlations. I stopped just a few times because of the bathing.

Along the way I walked through the shipping chamber through the Romanian part of the IronGate2 Dam. Last on the Danube. The river is branched here and DJERDAP2 are in fact two completely separate dam with separate fairing chambers. During the decline in the chamber I agreed with my wife that he would come for me two days to the Bulgarian Vidinu.

In the evening I came to the beach near the village of Novo Selo, where he waited for another passport check. Everywhere was a nasty mud, which I was uncomfortable with. Still in Slovakia I got a warning that every year someone robbed and even the night in the tent. I have begged the local fishermen to see if they do not guard me. They agreed on the condition that they will give them their home Rakiju.

I carefully nauted and after about 500 meters I found a group of cops sitting in the pub. Not one spoke English and twisted heads, why not understand them. They thought I was a Srb. The Slovak emblem on my passport has not talked about anything. They took me a passport with the fact that I can give it later. When I was allowed to disagree, I explained that passports had to be taken to the city due to the computer. When I asked that when the passport returned to me, they said that I have to go with them and stay there until morning. Bass? I’ve been there once because of similar crap finished. At least I will sleep in bed. I agreed. They started laughing that it was a joke. Damage. Already after the darkness I went back to a boat to build a tent and cook dinner. When I was looking for a place to add water, I also found showers. However, they were so disgusting that that day I didn’t wash at all. The mud could not be in the Danube. At night I went back to the pubs, let me return the passport. They told me that two more hours. I sat down to the most spectacular table with being heard. The passport returned to me before midnight. That I was already more slim from the mosquitoes than for all the time I was in Serbia. Finally I could go to sleep.

In the morning I stopped right after a few kilometers in a much more sympathetic café and gave breakfast and coffee. I went straight here. Compared to the residely Novo Selu it looked much more welcoming. The day was very hot, so I stopped and bathed many times. In particular, I knew today on the water definitively ending and so I was not rushed. In the city of Vidin, I still arrived very early in the afternoon.

I took advantage of the remaining time and went through the center of this city. In one place you can see the Orthodox Church, the mosque and the Dilapped synagogue.

The city works very haunted. The same feeling I had in Belgrade. Something that had once awaken the impression of magnificosity, today it looks just like a straw man from the last regime. Burina in the heart of the city after the knee. Deciduing plaster, tending buildings, or garbage. Restaurants with Kadibdes, whether an unbeatable language barrier. Bulgaria as one of the countries through which the Danube flows as the worst. Much worse than Serbia, where the war has recently been raged, or later the sanctions and the embargo. But the Danube is just as nice, so it’s sure to come back to the Black Sea once again.

The wife of Lucia came up the following evening. The day I took advantage of a more thorough exploration of the city. But the impression remained exactly the same. In the morning we headed home. I’ve been very much enjoyed. The journey after the hilly Romania passed very quickly. There was still something to watch. Part of the trip went to the Danube and so I had the opportunity to see the same places from a different perspective.

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