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I always wanted to have a dog that would accompany me with my potulkami nature. However, I was still very busy and the free moments I spent on the water. Although I have radically restricted my workoholism, and more focused on the enhancement of my health and fitness. Of course again on the water. Dog training is very time consuming and the first months it must be a daily routine. I was wondering that a dog of a smaller breed could become my travel companion. I always thought that small dogs can’t be practicing just as easily. Moreover, my dog bunch must be a hardy, fearless, outdoor tuned dog that is not going to worry about water.

We chose a foxterrier. The training of terriers is very difficult. These dogs are very stubborn in addition to their high intelligence and often just they train people. I have read a lot of books about dogs and their training and I find that the foxterrier will need up to four times more time for training. The decision was very fast and unplanned. I wanted to have a name with the fox, as we called our dog, to pass the tour to the sea kayaking across Serbia. I would not go alone and time on the water I could devote to him.

The theory was pretty, but it wanted a little more planning. First I had to convince the wife that he wanted a puppy at home. This was the inconceiving of the lighter part. We had a fortune and we found a breeder of foxterriers with the best farming in Slovakia, which in addition had a new litter.

The beginnings were difficult. Foxo didn’t want to ever walk on a leash. The problem was also an ordinary dedication. His stubbornness was great even on the foxterrier. I immediately looked for professional help and started with a professional obedience training. Results have been gradually in appearance. In addition, we have been trained as well. The first weeks of just a short walk, later also run. After two months, Foxo overtook me, and I did not have to wave for him since then. We have also added a multi-day mountain hiking. While this breed was bred, among other things, to catch the holes, the dogs were not hesitated or relegated, Foxo made the water feared. Once the water at least a little oteplila, I started to teach him love for the water. Without success.

It was time to start practicing kayaking. The first sewage from Visegrad to Budapest was also attended by a double-kayaking wife. We had to always sit back in the kayak. Already during the first day he stopped to worry, but it took a long time before the kayak began to take it as a normal means of transport. She started in a cockpit kayaking, which had an elevated bottom to keep it dry even if the kayaking had a little water. It was followed by several overnight navigavers of the Danube from Vienna, where I found that there is already sufficient heat to allow Foxo to leave the cockpit. He gradually learned to use the rear board kayaking. On my big kayaking there is plenty of room to be there to freely crawl or sleep. However, he had not only had the occasional falls in the water, but also to dry without him being cold.

The next big training was once again sewage in the Danube this time in Germany from INGOLSTADTU to Passau. Unlike one day trips I had to solve what if it was raining. Although FOXO is poured into the cockpit, but since I can’t use the sprint, the moment there would be so much water that it would be wet anyway. I have demonerated the day of the kayaking chamber. Through the hole, Foxo can at any time push the head and watch the country outside even under strong rain or storms. In addition, the hole is used for ventilation.

Kayak mastered the excellent. He learned to safely sail with me in any weather. Very quickly he learned from the kayak to drink or to perform the need. Not only did he stop fearing the water, but he began to search himself. From kayaking after releasing jumps into the water in an attempt to catch fish or other beasts. We often also sail together. In clean water is not afraid or dive when something is taken under the surface. It also added our garden pond.

Travel is not just about kayaking and so has more challenges. A walk through the woods is a natural hunting dog. But the centre of the bustling city, or even the shopping centre, has been so easy for him to go. We tried it in Linz, from where we continued the cruise ship to Passau. There had to manage to sleep in the Dragon Hotel without destroying the room. It is completely everything. When it has enough time, the tree is also asleep. Therefore, all trees are protected by a mesh in its enclosure.

The navigation of Serbia was therefore ready enough. For two and a half weeks we went through the water more than 500 km. We experienced clashes with aggressive stray dogs, scary storms on the water, or even attempted to steal it.

The last test of the boating dog ran on the island of Rab in Croatia, where Foxo was named with the sea. Instead of tethering the safety rope we started to use the vest. The first big problem was drinking seawater. It took a few days to stop with it after constant immortals. Finally he was in his world.

He had nothing to hunt. He was killed by hunting crabs or jumping behind fish. Cats have not even noticed. He also received a couple of lessons. Wild sheep are not recorded because they have horns. It could already know when he was already given a lesson of decent behavior from goats. Neither sea teas have left impunity to chase. Several times he started to be a herd of wild muflon, which in turn did not get praise from me.

In addition, we were driving together on a canoe or a packraft. We are able to go along the water anywhere and at any time when the water is warm enough to allow the Foxo to swim. We are still learning and shifting the bar to the new adventure. Not in vain it is said that the dog is the best friend of man.

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