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After a long time, I once again managed to take someone to the padging with camping in nature. Kamoš Martin has purchased a winter sleeping bag and signed up. In the last padlations in the Danube river, stretching along the Slovak State border in Hungary I have said that I have to go back there as soon as possible. I have been there several times, especially during the summer. There is however a lot of people. Nothing for me. Over the winter it is quite the opposite. No people at kilometers away. In the air there are only sounds of nature, especially birds. It takes a lot of wild, so there is nothing extraordinary to meet deer, wild boar, fox, or sea Orliacs. Water birds not only from the surrounding area are collected here in endless colonies. It does not sleep or beaver, which leaves the lost trees. I really couldn’t miss this.

Scheduled route

I am prepared to get my winter water equipment so that I can go on at any given occasion. We agreed that we will go again to try to explore the Danube shoulders under Bratislava. So I did not prepare the evening before I can study the map. It can be very easy to kill in the shoulder system. It’s literally a labyrinth. As part of the improvement of its guide-navigation skills, I have been avoiding GPS for a long time and I use a compass and a map instead. So I opened Google Earth and drew a route so I can estimate the time-consuming. The goal was to go as far as possible by a completely new route. Daily limit of up to 30 km. Destination of the Bears path. My goal was to go without GPS so that I went exactly as planned. During both days I ran on a GPS tracker that keeps track of my location every minute and sends the resulting KML file with a set of measured coordinates when connected to the Internet.

Actual Route travelled

In the evening we were stranded on car boats and they had inflated things to the trunk. We had to improvise logistics. My wife brought us on Saturday morning to Hamuliakova, which is only a few minutes away from Malinova. Kamoš gave his car to a colleague from work, who lives only a few minutes from our destination.

Route start

We had to use kayak trucks right now in Hamuliakove. The driveway to water is already some time for the cars closed. While it costs us a lot of extra effort, there I believe that this will positively manifest itself on the purity of the Danube area.

Transfer to the old riverbank of the Danube

We were reaverted to the other side of the Danube to Danubiane and we transferred the kayaks to the old River riverbank. Traverz Upstream was exactly what we needed to flow blood. The temperature was kept only just above freezing and the prediction did not foresee any increase during the day. In the opposite evening, the temperature is below freezing. Afternoon and wind and rainfall in the form of rain, or snowfall. I prefer not to think about it. It was all day under the cloud. Fortunately, he blew only a slight breeze, so we just enjoyed the surrounding countryside. Just a few minutes after the kayaking, I disturbed a huge deer grazing in the meadow just a few feet from me. A moment looked at me and then stepped into the woods. I was looking forward to whom I meet during the day.

Switching to the Hungarian arms system

After a few kilometers we walked into the system of Hungarian shoulders. Navigating in the shoulders is very difficult because probably the only landmarks are “turning”. Just take a look out for a moment and the correct location on the map is looking very hard. Some narrower shoulders are overgrown by cutting and not seeing them at all. You need a map with a sufficiently high resolution. I’ve had maps printed at a scale of 6 km on one sheet of A4 paper. However, the map cover was slightly smaller than A4, so it was very annoying to constantly toss the map. After about 20 kilometres, we returned the Rybochod back again to the old River riverbank and from the Hungarian station of the ferries prices, we walked to the Chko Dunajské Luhy, where we were set aside.

Over the winter it is important to stay warm. We have staggered the camp. They cooked the dinner and went on a short exploration of the terrain. Not that, after the darkness in the woods could see something interesting, but we needed to stay warm and the sleeping was still very soon. I’ve gone before bed yet to run for me to get a sufficiently banging sleeping bag. I was looking forward to it as I pick up a dry suit that mam from the morning to myself. I slept in clothes that I had in the suit as a thermal-insulating layer. In the morning you can just reapply to the suit and it’s not even cold for a while. I also gave wet gloves and a hat to the feet in the sleeping bag, otherwise they would have to blow up the ice cream.

In the morning, sunny weather was surprised. Still scrape the ice from kayaking and going. Even though they were only 2C, they still felt it was already spring. The shores lined up flowering deer. In the woods they have grown snowdrops, and here also some pulmonary artery. Later around lunch, even in the air also had a hardy insect. As in the fairy tale.

The coup of about thirty swan overhead was a nice experience. So just because of this has been paid to go here, we said both. The bodic shoulders I had in my head were fixed as a mudted stack full of mosquitoes lined with more than a dozen small dams, through which the boats need to be transferred. Again, it is necessary to be in the right place. The water is, conversely, very clean, in some places even translucent. Over the winter, almost everything plants are dead. With a dry suit, getting out and getting into the kayaks is very pleasant. You can, in fact, feel free to jump over the belt into the water. I used to be more likely to stand out, for example, when something is delivered to the bank.

The northermost arm is lined with houseshoes and houses standing by the water. Some are very nice. Passers mostly did not understand what we do. When I greet, so pretty much everyone asked if I’m not cold. One older Lord wished me to ask what I use the engine because he also wants to invest in an electric motor. So I just dvihol over the head of the paddle and told him that this is my engine.

For a moment, I had the motors now two. I broke the paddle into two pieces. Martin had a little zbledol. About to be a few things we do without a reserve paddles. I still offered my rope that I will pull me. I had to laugh. I looked in the map and set the course to the nearest asphalt road. The longer half of the paddles I tried to paddle. It went completely without any problems. About 3 km to the road have passed very quickly. The broken paddle can fit into the rear trunk of the boat and so there is no need to dump in the car’s rear seat. The new paddle will definitely be folding.