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Where to go kayakat when you have one day, one car and does not want you to kill time in a bloodskiing mode and prefer to enjoy time in nature as in the car? I was wondering to go for a change on some lake. But on Which? Neusiedler See. It is a short walk from Bratislava and has a respectable area of 315 km². It is 36 km long and at the widest point that we have coincidentally chosen to traverse more than 10 km wide.

We went around 30 km. On the lake almost always blows the stronger north-west wind, which rises to the looking waves similar to those at sea. If you plan a route, don’t forget the wind.

We started at the port of Neusiedl am See. After the highway you are there from BA for half an hour. It’s just behind Parndorfom. There is a huge parking lot in the harbor. Right next to the water. It can also be planted. A good approach to water is not on that Lake of course. Almost everywhere are paid beaches. Not only is it necessary for access to water to pay, but through the swivel turnstile you just do not receive a kayak.

From the coast stretches up to several mileage belt reed mainly on the west side of the lake. It is full of birds and aquatic fauna. However, the look of the looks monónne. After an hour of looking at the cane I was getting bored.

We stopped at Yacht Club Breitenbrunn Sailing Marina where we gave the coffee. We were attacking the buzzdochy, so we didn’t have a long time. I had them wearing dozens. When I threw one, several more of me sat down on me. Had at least so immortal.

After a further hour of looking at the cutting, we decided to break the east shore of the lake. The farther east we went by were the higher waves. About a mile from the coast I finally started to have fun in the side waves. Sometimes I have been on some of the wolves as well. After less than two hours we arrived in the village Podersdorf am See where we gave lunch. I was looking for something without meat. Waiter switched to Slovak and advised me asparagus. For the first time in my life I took the most out of grilled vegetables. A huge and very tasty portion. Everywhere I write that there are the most beautiful beaches on the lake. Fenced, forgot to write.

This lighthouse is a local attraction. There was really a lot of people who took the photo. He probably haunts him, because he does not come at all interesting. Along the way we have even seen a few.

In addition to us, several hundred yachts were on the water. A few times we also crossed the race path. The whole lake is dominated by yachts that are literally everywhere. On the coast also see other water sports such as… Windsurfing and kitesurfing. We also met a couple of kayakars and Supists. Kitesurferi gave us occasionally in a crossroad way in unpleasant speed. Many of them seemed to have no control at all.

Even though the country looks very monous, I’m glad we made the lake have a look. It was an interesting experience. South of the lake is part of national Park Neusiedler See-Seewinkel National Park. Once I would be there I wanted to go check it out. However, permission must be allowed.