To the Budapest Parliament trough danubian branches

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Nice plans
I recently picked up my wife Luciu for the first time on a kayak. We left the car in the morning 30 km above Vienna to Greifenstein Dam. On the double kayak we went through a 75 km long stretch of the Danube river, including the city of Vienna, the Donau Auen National Park to Bratislava. Aside from the unpleasant sunburn, it had a great success and I even got a question about whether we sometimes do not repeat it.
Because there was a weekend with a good weather forecast, I suggested that we could try a nationwide cruise. Since I set the paw already at the beginning too high, it was not quite easy to figure out where to go for two days. I needed to find a destination where you can find nice accommodation and it will not be logistically too demanding. Since I like the Danube, I chose a stretch of Štúrovo/Esztergom-Budapest. This about 80 km long stretch of the Danube hides the remains of the ancient history of Austria-Hungary and the last pieces of untouched nature. For a weekend, there’s really a lot to see. Organizing this trip was not as easy as it might seem. I needed the parents to take care of a small daughter. We also have a puppy that has to be found supervised. Find accommodation and rent a boat. And the hardest-to ensure logistics.
Not so pretty reality
And then it came. The only person who was willing to take care of us about a small dog said that after thorough consideration he must refuse. The boat had also already planned a trip to Croatia. The day before departure, we also canceled the agreed removal and it had already looked absolutely hopelessly.
It is said that the problems are to be tackled. So I tried it. We can take the dog with you. Finally, I will go to me in kayaking coming soon to Dunajom over the whole of Serbia for almost a month. I said that it will therefore be generals. I will not, therefore, learn to go kayaking only to a wife but also our 9 week foxterrier Foxa. The boat was able to equip from the Vodácke Centre also because the trip to Croatia was not held at the end.  But how do you find someone who would have taken us by car on Saturday very early in the morning to Štúrova and on Sunday evening we and the boat picked up in Budapest? Someone who breaks the whole weekend and also must have a car able to take a ride on the roof of our kayak. After consulting the CK Knirsch, I decided to do so, after arriving in Budapest, I take the train to Štúrova to the car and I’ll be back for the boat and the rest of the crew. I have opened timetables and I find that when we arrive at the destination in the 14.30, the EuroCity train that goes to Budapest is only an hour. However, buying a ticket over the Internet was impossible.
No-Iťs can skip this paragraph directly: first I was bothered with the fact that some of the controls in the form did not work. Later I figured out that it only works in Internet Explorer. So I then booted on my Mac Parallels and opened the page in IE. The parade I told you, the page already looked like this century. So I clicked the ticket, but unfortunately it didn’t. I needed to create an account yet. I have created an account. It reiterated the whole process, but I didn’t buy the ticket because the site was writing that too many people were logged in and got to try it later. A few other unsuccessful experiments during the day and I coughed up on it. Perhaps I can handle it on the site.
Before the sixth morning, we stand up, but around the middle of the road he overturned the truck, which crashed so unharmed that he had sealed the whole road. The bypass lasted almost an hour. Smola sticks to the heels and an hour later we come to the Štúrovská shipyard, which is locked and no one is there.
Card turned
Even before we started looking for an alternative solution to the problem, I ran up to the tourist hostels. I will ring no one opens. It was unlocked so I tried to get in the bottom. I heard some sounds and soon came across the aunt, which I asked if he can’t open the gate to the yard. When I explained to him who we are and what we want, we not only opened it, but gave us the keys from the gate so that we can park inside the campus. We leave the bad luck behind the locked gate and begin to dispose of the kayak. Let the fox eat and drink and water.
The Štúrovská shipyard lies right across from the Esztergom cathedral. It’s a breathtaking view and so my plan to not fall down the paw began to work. Even if Foxo was just as excited as we did. After a moment of dying it fell asleep. So we enjoyed the magnificent scenery around us.
He blew quite a strong breeze and the moment was in the kayaking water passing out of the leaves paddles. The dog’s fur coat is like a sponge and soon the Foxo shook from the winter as a seed. Around the middle of the road between Esztergom and Višehradom gripped in the middle of the Danube a small Pebble island where we stopped.
The Danube was now very tall, I remember that the island had more than a mile in length.
This way it looked like two years ago.
Even though the island had only a few square meters there was a pair of plates, from which a platform was formed after the foam was wrapped to keep Foxo still out of the water.
We have also used the stop for a fast lunch. I tried Foxa to make friends with water, but in addition to a couple of cases where she fell into her, he voluntarily did not once. So I took his toy and went through the center of the Danube between the islets. Immediately knocked out behind me. He stopped up when the water stream was strong enough to carry him away. Quickly understood that you just have to come out above against the mainstream and let it go to the other side. A few times I had to help him, but I was surprised at how quickly it came. He began to believe me and went where I showed, even though it meant that it had no control over it. We are away. Foxo again after a moment of persuasion will fall asleep.
We will soon come to a few kilometers of Long Island, which I decide thanks to the high water bypass from the right. This party is usually unfulfilled. We find a huge colony of nesting cormorans. For a moment we feel like in another world. After about a watch we come to Vyehrad. The original plan was to put your walking hike to the castle, but we were afraid to let the kayak be rented unattended. So we stopped at the sandy beach in the opposite of Nagymarosi.
We gave here the langoches, which I have given here two years ago. This time they were not so greasy and we had a whole taste. We were waiting for a short cruise to the island of Szentendrei in the village of Dunabogdany, where we had reserved accommodation. Looking into the map we found that it is on the other side of the Castle Hill. Even though for quite some time we would also be prosecuted from Dunabogdany.
When we reached the goal, we found that while there is no problem to climb out of the water, but to get with a kayak to the road. The shore was lined with houses that could not be passed. We then pulled the boat on the trolley about 400 meters up to the street that led to the hotel. In that, we found out that it could go through and we went completely unnecessarily. A dirty walk hidden in the vegetation. It was a regular popped. Never mind, at least in the morning it will be easier to get to the water. Pull the loaded double-kayak in one hand and in the second hand have on the leash the dog is not funny, especially after the field road to the hill. However, this should be a try. In Serbia, we will be completely alone and the kayak will be kicked loaded.
We waited for a family hotel. Fortunately, right at the beginning was the table “Dog friendly”, so it was so secluded that we have a problem less. Nice aunt offered us a choice of two free rooms. We chose here with a balcony under which we were parking kayak. It explained to us how it works. They had a huge garden with several walled grilling and two large gazebos to sit. Inside it looked also very friendly. We unpacked and headed out to explore the village. A small village where it looked like Akokeby has stopped there time.
In the water, however, there were several restaurants and pubs. We drove to one distant in a port with a large yard. It was very lively there. Tractors were pulling there trailers with different ships. From motor, through cable to kayaks. There was also a trailer loaded with Kajon Poseidon, on which we also came. The way we used to exercise Foxa walking on a leash. So far he’s not much. He is still tangled. But since we go on training sessions, we can talk about some walking at least.  We found a parádnu water search. Super food, Super environment, Super waitstaff and super prices. Portions were about 2x larger than with us, so we both did not eat. We had a whole day enough. The road to the guesthouse was still waiting for us.
At the gazebo, where we waited until the dog eats, was the pool. I asked Aunt if I can swim. It warned me that it is freshly soaked from the well, so that they bathe there probably can not. It was not so terrible and when I’m on the water, I have a habit of bathing outdoors in every condition. With falling asleep, we certainly did not have the problem. Then like WHO. Foxo played everything he found including curtains and furniture. We gave him the only thing we found – a plastic bottle. We lived on the top floor, where about half an hour bftpd after a wooden floor like mad and then finally asleep too. The first day successfully followed us.

The swipe of Budapest
In the morning we gave a good breakfast and I started kayak down the hill to the water. We had a choice of whether we drink about 3 km back to the main riverbed, where the Danube flows much faster, or we will go straight down the shoulder. I need to catch a jump on the train. It awaits us 50 km from that of 40 km in the shoulders where the padling is significantly slower than on the Danube. Not to mention that the train station is far enough from the place where we want to break. I still decided to go shoulders. My great motivation was that this way I did not go to Budapest yet. Lucka was glad if he would blow just like yesterday will not be such a wave. We had only one scarf because of the fox and a few times we also shed wool. Limit on arriving at the place we gave 14.30.

We sat on the water before the ninth. We have three hours to return to the Danube. Szentendrei Island was 30 km long. Every 10 km is one village. So divided it did not seem at all far. Ubiehalo it very quickly. We have padched at speeds of over 10 km/h and so we had the time even on two small pauses on the exterminator of Foxa. The kayaking was already jumping. A few times she was slipped and fell into the water, but even so it was a lot of progress. There are no big ships here. In addition to the comps, we met only the smaller cruise ships that were spinning Budapest-Esztergom. On the contrary, we met many fishermen in calm waters, and kayaks, and canoe.

The southern half of the island is also a road bridge. The island is quite densely populated. On both shores we saw several restaurants or campsites. Even before the island of Szentendrei can be reached again on the Danube, you will go around a smaller island with nice weekend cottages.

At the very end of the island of Szentendrei we have given the last euro coins for lunch at the yacht restaurant right on the water.

Soon before you already see the city. We have a pretty good time. It remains around 20 km, half of it after a much faster flowing Danube. After the experience of the past paddling in Budapest I know that in the city there is an unpleasant dense boat traffic and therefore I call the road to the right of the island of Óbudaj. We continue again right behind the island of Margit, which divides the Danube around into two equally wide riverbeds. On the right but in addition to the ship’s police we will not meet any other ship.

When we come under the Margit most-like bridge, I give Lucke a briefing on how it will continue. It will be the most challenging stretch throughout our voyage. In addition to its enormous shipping, there was a strong wind blowing and big waves.

We sail around the Parliament and we find ourselves among several ships that go very close to each other. They register us and give us a space to go. Avoiding the ships here is really hard. They anchor on both shores, sometimes in a few rows. There are two shipping tracks, and the boats are also spinning. You need to be particularly cautious.

The view of the Parliament and the whole old City, however, is definitely worth it. When we walk through the old town, we will break to the other side of the Danube, where traffic is already more peaceful about knowledge. The moment we are in the destination cove.

We quickly unpack things and I am giving a quick bath in the Danube. We padlated 50 kilometers in the sun. I would probably not let go of the train. We caught a kayak on the trolley and printed on the parking lot. The gate was fortunately open. Two years back we were so lucky they had and we had to go through the park where the SBSkár did not want to let go out.

What can be done in 1 hour

14:40-Stays 1 hour

I turn on Uber, but I find that it doesn’t work in Budapest. Still, that on the web have the opposite. I’m downloading another application that you can use to call a taxi. It does not work, but at least I find the phone for individual taxis. I call BudapestTaxi. I am allowed for dispatching. Aunt is unable to look in the map, according to which I would explain to you where we are in a few seconds and so I dictate the address from our navigation. The taxi driver could not find me, and since he did not know the word English, we talked to the intermediary through the dispatching. In addition to the high chimney there was no landmark.

15:00-Stays 40 minutes

In the distance I noticed a yellow taxi. Namely, it was not the one I was looking for, but even so I started out towards the city. I stayed the last 40 minutes to get a taxi, got to the station where I buy the ticket and jump into the train.

15:10-Stays 30 minutes

I arrived at the petrol. I called on the dispatching and I asked the Babu what just Dotankovala, whether they would not have been able to explain them to Hungarian on which gasoline I am.

15:15-Stays 25 minutes

The taxi went. Too bad it is not mine. The taxi driver said that he can only go to the command of the dispatching. Fortunately, it comes my taxi driver, which also has been secluded that we have finally found. We are at the station. GPS shows 19 minutes to the destination. I explain to him the situation and so dúpna to it. Fortunately, the weekend was not such a dense traffic. I explain to him that I will pay the card to save as much time as possible. On the question of how big the station is, I receive the answer that huge. This cannot be avoided. I am slowly reconciled with the fact that I will go up to the next train, which is 2 hours and is also going to be half an hour longer.

15:34-Stays 6 minutes
I’m out of the taxi. After a moment of wandering unmarked station, I find a window with ticket sales. The open were two, but each was the Council. There was still another window with information. So I have said that I’ll try there. The chance to catch a train converging to zero. I tried to overtake the lady, something he was asking for, because she looked that he’d already ended. However, I find that tickets are sold only for domestic transport and I have to go to another department in another part of the station. According to the instructions I can not get there because just the passage to the other side is in reconstruction. I’m coming out and for a while I am there and I’m buying a finally ticket.

15:37-Stay 3 minutes
According to the instructions the train waits for the fifth platform. Thus, I run the passage to number 5. I will come up the stairs and I find that I am not at the train station, but in the city. Čislo 5 is an electrician, not a train. I’m running even faster back to the station. I do not see any normal signalling and so randomly run up the stairs to the station, where the cops ask me if they do not know how to navigate to the train. They don’t know English or the word, but according to the ticket show me the way I go.

15:42-I’m jumping into an already exited train that went right away.

Long Way Home
I mastered it. I wipe the sweaty forehead. I’m ringing in the phone. Lucka asks if I had it stihol. He announced to me that the storm comes. I have advised her to let all the things look like a kayak, pulling at least one scarf on the cockpit of kayaking and let them find a safe place to hide when the rain comes. I am coming to Štúrova on the clock, where the hernia is freezer. So, finally, don’t mokly Lucka with Fox, but I do. Fortunately, I will soon come across a taxi. While the driver was calling but I jumped in the car. He was calling in Hungarian further. I waited almost long enough. I was glad to sit in my car, whatever she calls, how much she needs. When he appealed, we set off to about 6 km distant shipyards. He asked me where I go and remained very surprised when I told him how I found myself in his taxi. We stopped even in an ATM. He praised that he and he is the leader and still the fastest in Slovakia. He continued to ride on his boat through 250 km/h. I was pousmial. On the phone I gave me a professionally processed video of the won races, where he was also with his hand-made speedboat. There are only two in Slovakia. I planted in a shipyard full of people. I introduced the settlers and after a short conversation about our trip and thank you I am leaving the road M10 to Budapest. About 45 km after the villages lasts almost an hour and a half. After welcoming, we are loading a kayak and we are issued for more than a three-hour trip to the shipyard in Bratislava, where we must return the kayak.

It was a really nice route, where we certainly want to go back again. The island of Szentendrei can be kayaking in a double kayak and daughter. The water flows very slowly. Little Lucka will also like to buy outdoors now. Just get some safe baby vest. I’d like to make myself a 75 km collector around the island of Szentendrei for 1 day.

About the road from Štúrova to Budapest, which I had on the sea kayak took two years ago, you can read here.