Passau-Linz and back (200 river kilometres per weekend)

This is machine translation.

This summer I managed to infect the tourist to the sea kayaking and my wife. Since our last common kayaking voyage in Venice, it has been over a month. This time we decided to meet my favorite stretch of Danube from the German town of Passau to the Austrian Linz. On Friday afternoon we set off to Passau, so that we could still walk through this very nice town. Three Rivers meet in one place: Inn, Danube and Ilz. The wife did not understand why the river from this confluence is called the Danube, whereas the river Inn is much more watter and in addition the color of the river is more akin to the lighter river Inn.

By the way back we were to look at the port of the ship’s timetable. We had only one car and the way back to Passau, we didn’t have it at all. We left for it all Monday. We found that the only chance to embark on is Sunday. However, us in the Sunday waited 50 km of padlations with a transfer through 2 dam and a search for a place where we leave the kayak together with other things. I calculated that we would have to hit the latest 4.30 in the morning. I called it to the hotel in Linz, where we wanted to sleep and cancel the reservation.

While walking, we walked around the Ilz River, which was snaking in the Forest Canyon. From the guest house where we were nocted we had the info that the river is smoothly navigable with a depth of at least half a metre. Not only that in more places was shallow, but along the way we came across the dam with a complicated prenáce. Near the estuary of the river we found a garage with a parking lot, so we moved the car in the morning here. Parking was cheaper than in the guest house and at the same time we will be more than 5 km closer to the city when we come back.

We went down right after breakfast. It was only about 15 ° C and the prediction was spooked by rain. Normally my rain in the kayak does not interfere at all, but because of the PSU who lay in the cockpit I can not use the shaker. It was just around lunch, so we took a jacket on Jochenstein dam. With breaks it rained all weekend. The afternoon also added a strong wind and to the end and the waves. It was blowing us all the time in the back, so the journey of a beautiful country was very fast and soon we were at the destination in the Austrian village of Inzell. We stood only once because we wanted to come as soon as possible.

We packed the kayak just after landing so that we don’t have to stay in the morning. Since we had all things in it, we asked the home in a family pension for a safer place for kayak. The garage did not fit, so we were parking in the hallway of a neighboring family house. It was super, inter alia, because we left all things to dry out. I was a swim in the cold Danube and after dinner we went for a walk. When we paddle, the dog Foxo sleeps. The evening is his time for movement and training. In addition to walking, I enjoyed wearing sticks from the Danube.

In the morning we were standing up for the fourth. On the water we got even before sunrise. 10 ° C and rain. Since we have given a bloodless goal to join Linzu 50 km to lunch. The way we waited for two dam. Just those were the reason why we were pamfed so slowly. Stand on the river every 20 km of dam and there are lakes with almost stagnator water. Every hour we gave a 5 minute break, during which we found our speed. Only after the dam of Aschach our speed was only 8 km/h. For her little more. I have already begun to alleviate it with the fact that we do not get it.

As they say it can never be so badly to not be even worse we have tried on the dam of Ottensheim. There is an infinite long carrying over the lateral arm. To make matters worse, we did not want to get into the arm because of the ongoing World Cup in the rowing. First of all, I was arguing with the organizers that as they can only make the transition through the river. I understood it until later looking at hundreds of rowing and thousands of people on the banks and bleachers. The transfer was only possible on the other shore, but it was a few mileage. I called the Tower of the Fairroom and explained them to our situation. The operator has mercy on us and turned green on the light, with the fact that it only closes the chamber for one kayaking. When not just getting a simple fit, I turned over with the kayak. He was flooded to the edge. It did not even get poured and the only way of getting more than 150 liters of water away was to fit the belt into the water and use the plastic bottles with a cut off neck. Even so nothing compared to about 20 million liters of water they had to drain with the chamber to let us drop by 10 meters below:)

From the chamber we got up to 12teenth. The river here, however, ran out of speed and so we decided that we will improvise. We will also try to get in with a kayak. It was exciting, because we didn’t know if we had to let us with the dog, even with more than 5 metre kayaks and big bags as a bonus. Succeeded! The entire 100 km stretch of the river we therefore looked again this time from the luxury cruise ship deck. The voyage lasted 5 hours. We finished it with dinner directly on the boat.

I would like to reiterated the whole trip through late autumn. You can swim all the time in a wooded canyon. In the autumn it has to be pamfed with colors. In addition, we already know that you can just import by car less than 200 km from Bratislava to Linz and from there by boat to Passau. Logistics is still easier. Are you adding? 🙂