First time on the wild water – river Soča, Slovenia

This is machine translation.

It started by offering a go to learn to kayaking the wild water to the river Salza. For the bad conditions, very high flow and winter, we finally decided to go paddling on the Slovenian River Soča. I was there once a long time to rafting. From several people I have heard that kayaking on Socha is very challenging and not recommending me there ever to walk. However, the taste of perfecting your kayaking experience will eventually always prevail.

We went to Slovenia late in the evening. Navigation sent us through the mountain passage Vršic. A mountain road with fifty serpentine, which gave our brakes a way of being smell. At the top at an altitude of more than 1600 meters surprised us the snow. The chauffeur all the way cursed on its unnamed Slovak navigation. In addition to the Serpentine and snow on the way, the asphalt was lacking. Up the way back we came to that error was in the missing maps of Italy.

A very cold night has sprayed no less cold in the morning. I dragged into my neoprene, in which I paddled all winter and waited until we reach the water. Crystal Cleanse bright Blue River Soča among the snowy hills of Julian Alps looked like from another world. I sat in the kayaking, walked into the stream and after about ten seconds I was redeemed in the icy river.

I have not yet sat in the river kayaking. Fortunately, the stream pushed me to the shore. I poured the water and the second attempt I managed to run down a very fast flowing river. In the kayak I didn’t know my feet at all to lean and I just waited for the next swim. I managed to exchange a kayak with a man who had the opposite problem and suddenly I had a kayak started taking. Kayak started listening to me and I stopped concentrating on not buying again and instead I started to enjoy the wonderful nature.

We were kayaked on the section of Čezsoš-Srpenica 2. The popularity of water has gradually climbed to WW3, which is a pebble of the seven-digit international scale determining the intensity of the wild water.

The last stretch was already borderless for me. I bought it twice. The last time I got at full speed in the big rocks, picking up above the level was no longer so easy because I was at the moment found myself under another big stone. I came about the paddle that I used as a shield in front of the rocks. After leaving, I ruspped to another rock, so I decided to let go of the boat and swim into the team.

Along the way I dragged the passers kayak so I was fast on the shore. Kayak and paddle caught Kayakári in front of me. They were, however, too far away. The path to them was very difficult. I shed after huge boulders until I got to a place that didn’t go through just couldn’t. The only option was to jump into the water and swim a little farther. Already when I approached the next team I came across a knee in a bottled underwater. The unpleasant pain was at least damped by adrenaline. After a few more minutes I got to the boat and I continued. It followed the stretch heavier by the next stage and so most of our group of sewage ended up right here.

At night I often got caught on a strong sore leg pain accompanied by thinking if I will be able to continue the morning. The morning trip down the stairs to the bathroom answered me the question. For this time I have rekajakoval. Waiting for the others I spent by poking to the spring of Soče. I found that I was actually lucky. Sunday’s rafting Koritnice was on beginners just too. They spent more in water than kayaking. They would have to pull from the water of another man.