Hard to practice – easily on the battlefield

This is machine translation.

For a long time I played with the idea of making expeditions to remote places of the Earth through folding kayaks. I started to realize this idea more than a year ago. First of all I tried several kinds of puzzles.

I chose Nortik Argo kayaks. They are the only ones serious enough for longer expeditions outside civilization. I borrowed one piece and rode it intensely for a while. Soon after, we bought the first kayaks. The fleet of folding kayaks was world.

Shortly after that, I managed to put together a group of adventurers who like challenges as well. I chose Philippines as my destination. About it, but sometimes another time. Buying tickets in this case was just the first step to make.

The first kayaking was literally suffering. It took almost half a day. I was more or less just watching. With my own kayaks I chose another way. I needed to learn it properly. I have to manage kayaks not only myself and quickly assemble, but also to understand whether to be able to make any repairs directly in the field.

Instructions for folding and using one-seater Argo kayaks have 33 A4 pages. I had to start with an English dictionary and add a lot of technical terms to my vocabulary. I found it not that bad.

Inspired by the American Trak Kayak, I created my own procedure after the first folding. All the parts I have color-coded so that it is clearly clear where it belongs. The most time-consuming part of folding – sorting of components of individual parts of the ship – was dropped.

Last time I assembled 2 kayaks with a man who had never seen them in less than two hours. The first kayak folded with me, explaining the procedure. The second put together almost all alone.

I chose the Danube Delta as a great test. However, due to strong wind, we eventually ended up in the Danube arms in Hungary. The cascade of the shoulder system offers a perfect training ground in beautiful surroundings. We’ve figured out how to pack up the kayak properly for more than 2 weeks while being mobile enough to handle the move to the other side of the planet. Libor, who so far only rode a canoe, has learned how to ride a kayak and how to feel comfortable in it.

We finished the trip by thoroughly cleaning the kayaks and treating it with a salt water protection product.

We have to do this exercise with Miro and Martin, who will go together to the Argo 2 kayak doubles.