Ružínsky Nočák – Night orientation paddling competition

This is machine translation.

Already last year I heard about some Ružínsky Nočák. Sort of race at night at the Ružín dam. Everyone described it completely differently and only after this year’s visit to the night’s landmark race in Ružín I know that there was none of those people were. In category K1, the crew consists of at least 2 ships. Dude asked me if he didn’t want to go try and make a bunch of his buddy.

On the east I started off until Saturday morning before the race. The roads were empty and so the road quickly waned. This part of Slovakia is very nice also from the car. Beautiful views over the passage of the Low Tatras, the High Tatras, the Spišský Castle and many more. This time I completely missed the highway and wandered by the Slovak villages.

The problem was the last section of the event. The navigation sent me a 15 km long forest route, which soon changed in a very difficult terrain. Some stretches I had to go for more experiments. If you don’t want to damage your car, be sure to avoid this place and go the right way. The road leads to the Rosinian dam and there are plenty of perfect sightseeing spots.

On the site I came just in time. I have been familiar with the amount of waterers I know only from the Internet. With many of them I am in touch and it is super to meet and live with them and assign to both currencies and faces.

After registering I took a dry suit and straight off to start. I was very surprised at how people are dressed. Some really very weakly. They told me that the races would be so macate that they would be rather warm. A few people have guessed that the exits do not feel cold.

We took a role and took a few minutes to start the first part of the race, which goes even after the light. You need to find 6 checkpoints. After the light it’s simple, you just have to look around. The heavier part is to remember their exact place and find them all even at night. When the first two were in the water islands, namely on the other side of the riverbed, but as an indicative point it was fine. On the third unit we had to get off and find a hidden card. It was the task we have drawn. You get only Azimut and you have to find a card in the woods. The other two points were at intersections and the last bit for the goal. At the end of the first stage we handed the compass and found the card. At that point, we stopped the time.

A few successive hours we waited in the pub. It was started in reverse order. Teamy started every 5 minutes. We came between the first and so we were leaving the last one. In the second round, the same route went, but in the opposite direction. We had to find all 6 checkpoints and mark the card at each one. We have divided strategically. I went for a sixth and a bunch of so far searched for the four that was closest. A moment I was already beginning to worry that I was lost. The Rosska dam is not a “simple lake” and in addition I completely neglected the preparation and not at all looked into the map. The site was a problem with the mobile connection so I remained stupid. The advantage of going at the end consisted in the fact that we saw all before us as they gave us the position of each point. When getting out of the water, the headlight turned on even those who went on the water completely after the darkness. In addition to the stars, we also saw opponents. This way we have easily found all the points. And the energy that we would have had to upload to the search, we used to padlling. Even at a temperature of just a few degrees above zero I was nicely sweated.

Just before the goal we passed the rescue motorboat, which drove the Kayakar, which is stacked as a bomb decided on his own to make his own race. He went alone and so no one knew about him. The road turned over and was unable to summon the help. Until the last crew noticed him and called for help. In the dark you can talk about a small miracle, which in addition saved life. Death by Undercooling is nothing pleasant.

After the race began the party, which had to end up sometime above the rim. I’ve held it around until midnight. Nearby I had a booked hotel, but someone parked me for a car and I didn’t know to leave. The steamer offered me a place in their cottage. The chimney was pleasantly warm and so I remained. Shaking somewhere I didn’t really want. In the morning I was cold so I sat down into the car and delivered a long way home.