Test of the paddleboard on the Danube, or as I have paddle up to Devín

This is machine translation.

Over time I tried the “paddle board”, also called the SUP (Stand-Up Paddle). Just as in the case of a sea kayaking I turned on more experienced. I graduated in the Karloveská Cove with two trainings. At first I learned the full basics. For example, how to hold in your hand paddle:). At first, my stall on the board was not at all pleasant. The whole I was shaking. After a few minutes it passed and later I was able to ride the bay without any problems.

Several times I tried to see if the SUPe can ride upstream. I find that local SUPeri do not know what a small and large circuit. Apparently the top of the bay at all does not go. On the second workout I found that driving upstream is much more challenging than kayaking, but not impossible. Since no one knew me to tell you where to give up with the boardhouse I decided I was going to try it myself.

Cut the most beautiful falls:)

I borrowed the paddle board in the rental room. He was completely new, so I had to understand him before infleting. The mere blowing is pretty exhale and it would be nice to be able to inflate the plate compressor attached to the 12V circuit in the car. Even though the board weighs only a few kilograms it is not being very practically. Especially if you have a free only one hand. It would be a strap that would make a man just tossed over his shoulder.

I had attached a waterproof cover to the board, where I wear a pharmacist, papers, keys and another pair of small things that I normally use on the water. In addition to packaging, I mounted a 1.5 l flute with water on the plate. At the first fall, however, I was left out and I was without water. The straps are not very practical and seem to only serve the luggage, which will additionally be secured as I did with my waterproof packaging.

The biggest problem of SUPu in the bay caused a shallow. The Danube had roughly 3.5 meters. For kayak It’s pretty well with the reserve, for the wing on the bottom of the plate no longer. It’s fine that by standing you see in the water and when you are approaching a stretch where little water is enough to jump, or find another way. In the water, however, sometimes it is not enough, and when you contact the wings with the bottom I have flew into the water a few times:)

The Karlovean arm I sped up relatively smoothly. I went out on the Danube and I continued along the shore up to the quarry. I think that a stronger stream would simply make such a SUP a mismastered.  While I was committing to the end of the quarry again, I scooped strength and determination to continue. I transferred the board to the mouth of the Devínian arm. However, there was little water, so I had at least a Chvic continued after the Danube. The thirst was no longer excruciable and so I was turned back before DeWine. Down Danube it went alone. A couple of times went around me a bigger ice. First, I always put on my knees, but later I have said that in this heat will not be a little bit to cool off by jumping into the Danube. The Passover Twin City of Linz has succeeded. In the German beaches, the reflected wave was thrown down. The paddle I held in my hand, but the board was picked down by Dunajom without me. It would be nice to have him bundled.

The reason I wanted to learn to ride on SUPe was to let me know on him to ride the little Danube and standing up to take pictures of nature. I think this goal I not only fulfilled, but also surpassed. Riding a board also likes my dear half, so I hope to try it once together in some interesting place. For example, at the Vogalonge in Venice:).