This is machine translation.

I have long been messing with the idea of going kayakal during our Slovak winter somewhere where it is warmer. The problem is that almost anywhere in Europe you will not find suitable conditions. We were thinking about Greece and some of his archipelago. However, during the winter there is very strong blows, often up to the limit of upfishing. The piece below flows through the longest river of the Nile world. Delta looks tempting, but finding some usable information is a problem. I found only one boating tour that navigates the Nile from the Asusian dam through Luxor to Cairo. Getting out of them something meaningful I failed. However, they do not recommend camping at the shore and are dealt with by sleeping on the accompanying motor. Get some sea kayak in Egypt is also about an unsolvable task. The Red Sea coast is even less welcoming. Only Inhospice and up to a few exceptions uninhabited desert.

In that came the idea to go to Thailand from Martina, with whom I actually met only once on Sochi in Slovenia. Since every charity must somehow start, so I embarked on a small exploration of the Gulf of Phang Nga in the Andaman Sea. The place looked really interesting. Weather there tends to be very stable from early December to mid-March. Both air and water should be about 30 º C. It rains rarely and hardly blows at all. Meanwhile, Martin bought a ticket to encourage others. I was still missing the kayaks so I waited for confirmation that their local boating agency borrowed and bought my tickets too.

Then we started to plan a route more closely. As a base we chose the island of Koh Yao Noi. It is ideally located roughly in the middle of the bay. With the agency, we agree that our kayaks are just here. I approached a few other people who attacked me as suitable candidates for this expedition. Finally, it was the Rio that goes with us. This created a bunch of people who did not know each other, but had a common goal-to experience the adventacity.

The date of departure was quickly approached so I began to complete the equipment. Since I go on water all year round, all water and camping equipment is still at hand. The padling in the tropics has, however, some specifics. The sun is high in the sky throughout the day, so every part of the body must be perfectly protected. A hat, a T-shirt with long sleeves and trousers at least in the knee should be the basis. The hat and shirt must be of a material that resists UV rays. It can be easy for you to find burns even under clothing. Unheated parts of the body must be painted with sunscreen with a high protective factor. I use waterproof tanning creams with a factor of 50. The paint is good to repeat every few hours. Mosquitoes in the tropics transmit dangerous diseases. A good repellent is therefore a necessity. They are also proven with the active substance DEET (at least 20%). I am not much of a thermoillusion type of man and I had fears as I will manage sleeping in happens at 30 ° C. I have good experience with Moskytierami. The problem is that if you do not find a suitable place to hang, they are completely useless. I was able to find a self-supporting Mosquito Net (the Lifesystems GeoNet Free Standing ” Something like a small single-digit tent of densely woven netting, which is additionally impgregnated by a repellent, weighing only 1 kg. I have been worried about the lack of drinking water so I still purchased two 6l water bags. You better have water more than less. In addition, I have let me check the vaccinations on hepatitis A/B and let the vaccine be vaccinated with tetanus and typhoid. I also adequately supplement the medicine.

The road to Koh Yao Noi began with the first air transfer from Budapest to Dubai. We reduced the 13 hour stopover by night by visiting the city. Traffic jam in the city in the middle of the night. We left Uberom to lead the world’s tallest Burj Khalifa building, from where we wanted to move around the city towards the coast. The problem in Dubai is that there just aren’t any walkways. Glazed air-conditioned tunnels lead to the nearby buildings and Metro stations. Otherwise, transport is only possible by car. So we then let another taxi transport to the coast. At sunrise we went down the beach, we gave breakfast and returned back to the airport.

After nearly 30 hours we finally got to the Thai island of Phuket. As we flew at night, we took a taxi that brought us to the hotel. So soon as it was not well marked in the map. Even though there was still an unexorable heat after midnight, and it was moist after rain. We were hungry enough so we had a big night in the city. However, we lived in a poor neighborhood, where up to a few street bistier, where the cockroaches were running, everything was closed. Even a longer walk did not reveal anything more appealing, so we returned to the bistro near the hotel. There was nothing without flesh, so I tasted on a clean rice, which I have refreshed with chopped chilli peppers in oil. The hotel was the climate, so it was pleasant to sleep. About it was a bigger shock when we walked out in the morning. We have become up to about lunch. We had a goal to get some stock and get to the harbor, from where they walk every hour a speedboat to Koh Yao Noi Island. We started lunch, where we were perfectly hired for less than 1 EUR. We did not find a “normal” shop where we would buy stocks that will withstand the tropical climate and need not be cooked. By car we took to Patong town, which is the busiest tourist destination on the island of Phuket with lots of shops. In shops they had only stupidity for tourists. In the shopping center and the adjacent streets we did not find one suitable store. However, if you wanted some plastic surgery, or would like to let your feet get warm, you’re in the right place. We agreed that it will be best to buy fruit that is available everywhere and almost for free. It is healthy, has a lot of energy and a few days in kayaking lasts. We were still water and russed away from the Smradleft Phuketa. Soon we finally arrived at the island and caught the pick to the place where the kayaks were already waiting for us. Completely Different world. Rain forest and sea.

After arriving we gave dinner. Thai food is my favorite. Lots of vegetables, lots of chilli. Under the ceiling of the shelter under which we were dinner, a number of small gecones were running around. In a wooden column that undermet the roof, it was in turn hiding the threesome gecones of enormous and egg. This was enough, I chose the headlight and I headed straight to the jungle for the night exploration. Most animals are active here just at night. The forest was full of life. I noticed that something gleals on the Popadanom depicments. They were the eyes of the great spiders that sprayed here on their prey. In better view I noticed that there was not only one. The forest was full of sounds and motion. In the front, the battery has already commed, so we headed back to the road. The notion that, after the darkness, we are being sold through the cobwebs was not so appealing. Upon arrival I was exploring the seaside. It was the tide and the sea has stepped away, but the beach was also full of life.

Even though we had a rented cottage, I slept rather outside. Those sounds of the forest were like relaxing music. A slight breeze has also not been thrown away. Above the rim woke me a symmetric bird orchestra. The closer to the equator you are, the faster it rises and fits the sun. For a few minutes after sunrise it looks like a lunch. So I went to the mosquito and walked for breakfast. Pets probably don’t sleep outdoors because the restaurant was still closed. I took advantage of it and went to pass the beach. I came to the mouth of a small river densely surrounded by mangrove forest. The amount of water birds used to catch fish and crab. I also shank a huge tukana.

After breakfast we set off to the sea. So easy it was not. The sea was pretty far away so we had to have kayaks coated after a mixture of mud and sand. Our goal was the group of islands about 5 km west of our base. The panorama was unreal. Islets with tall rock cliffs surrounded by rainforests. We wanted to find out how strong currents await us in such situations, and at all, what such padging in the tropics is about. Yes it is mainly heat. The water tends to be cool, that whatever heat is, it can always be cooled in the water. But the water temperature almost never was 29 ° C, but much more. The sea is only a few yards away and is very quickly heated. Sometimes the water was up uncomfortable hot. Because nothing better was available, we used this option quite often, even in the case of the open water. The islands could not be stopped anywhere. There were places where it would be technically possible to stop, but the boards pointed out that this is forbidden. We found only one small toll beach, where many boat boats were anchored. We parked at the full end of the beach and we hoped that they wouldn’t want to go blow us up. All of us had a snorkeling outfit, so we tried it. But the water was quite cloudy and the visibility was very weak. As we later learned, this is due to just a small depth in the bay. The places were even visible to the naked eye as the stream of the tide swirled the mud-sandy bottom. The closest place to snorkeling was the island of Ko Phi Phi, which is, however, already infested with tourists and its beaches resemble Slovak swimming pools in the middle of the season. Moreover, the island was very far away.

I tried hence the pedestrian exploration of the island. However, I have not gotten much. I discovered a small cave, but the shore was too slippery before I came out in wet sandals. Way back, Rio showed a big kick with plastic bottles. In fact, he showed me the monkey that sat on the bottles. I was dangerously slised down the slopes and I had nothing to do with myself. Later, I managed to capture the forest vegetation. So I pulled my camera and made a few photos. I inflated it down to the kayak. The opier used it and jumped me right up to kayaking. Later he was left to lure the banana, which she picked right out of his hand. Every moment he made his teeth to show that he is here at home. He sat down on the tree just above our heads. I didn’t feel just pleasantly, so I wanted to cry it up a sudden pull of the horse. Error. Instead of the ears kicked off after me with the sped teeth. The angle I did at the last minute. Away from here. Even so, it has been a high time to embark on a trip back. We were still a collector around several islands and headed back to Koh Yao Noi.

We warmly delighted us with the tide that we came out of the water right at the restaurant, where we left the boats. I was so warm that I was straight thrown into the heated sea. In the restaurant we also waited for Tom from the agency, which lent us the ships. You came mainly after money, but we used it to pick up some useful information. We checked together a map and especially marked sleeping places and places where stocks can be added. Since we had planned to go through almost the entire bay, it was key to us. He told us also where there are interesting places and vice versa, which places to avoid. When he learned what path we want to take, he remained a little bit. Apparently he felt that we resettled our options. However, when we talked for longer, we found that we are really not on the water for the first time. He also said that there is no malaria in the area and that we are actually not afraid of the sea or the forest. He pointed us only to the jellyles, which draw a long tentacles and disappear that live in mangrove. The bite of this disappearance meant a better case of amputation of the bitten limb. When catching fish, keep an eye on the haves and some of the summits in the estuaries that have large stings.

Even though I learned in kayaking to sit barefoot, these kayaks had the torso paved right in the section where I have normally laid my feet. Thanks to this, I had a painless pain after one day. Fortunately, I had a neoprenic shoe, so I completely healed after a few days of my feet. The boys were in turn completely burnt hands. Here you either hand natierate “strong” sunscreen, or you put gloves. The acclimatisation day was us. We find out what the padling in the tropics means. Heat is such that it should be counted roughly with half the power. The next day was without padling. We have tried hiking. But in that warm we have not received much. We reviewed at least a nearby waterfall, which is interesting about only the time of monsoon. We wanted to get to the lakes behind the hill, but not let us even look there. In the way back we bought the fruit and gave a good lunch in the village. In the evening we experienced the first storm. A moment after it started raining, I stripped down and went to pass. I like to come in the rain. And since the cold shower is also warm enough, it was an excellent way to cool down. It rained only a moment, but very intense and almost everywhere stood water and started pouring frogs. Ropuchy, jumpers, or Parosas, which, after being caught in hand, nicely inflatable like a balloon. The right adventacity is just starting.

Our journey around the bay began again unpleasant by dragging the kayaks over the mud. This time filled with equipment and supplies. We headed towards the north along the coast of Koh Yao Noi. We wanted to take a stop on the bat Island Ko Roi, but the weather forecast was against us. The afternoon was to come a storm. We stopped swimming on the island of Kudu Yai. In addition to the magnificent stone monuments, there was a hidden sandy beach where we cooled a little. We continued to group small islands that were full of caves. I wanted to stop in one of them and take a dip, but as soon as I jumped out of the boat, they drove us local away. I was forbidden here to stand out. Far away there was no living soul, but just when I jump out of kayaking, someone will come. It was me unbearable heat. I was afraid I did not handle it. He waited us for just about an hourly traverse to the mainland, but I needed to cool down. I jumped for awhile in the water and after a few minutes I was just fine.

We soon arrived at the southern tip of the Laem Thai Raet Peninsula. There was a fabulous sandy beach with coconut palms. There were two-metre varans running around. We unpacked the camp in the cave. I counted with it because I had no tent. I had only an emergency bipurse bag in which you can wait a night. Guys have gone to capture fish. Martin caught from kayaking, Rio from the shore. I’ve tried to climb the tall reef over us. I wanted to trace the monkeys that left the tracks in the sand. I went out early halfway. In the forest was unbearably moist, I flowed from me as if it rained. In addition, they played mosquitoes. Maybe I would come out up, but I was afraid of an incoming storm and the Sun also did a lot. I walked down and went to check the guys if they managed to pull something out of the water.

Riovi managed to catch a nice barakudu. Martin was still at sea. It blew up a strong wind. The storm was here. The wind blew the leaves from the forest, which grew vertically over us. Later, she really broke up. It began to wander and to play. Visibility has fallen only to a few meters. Martin, fortunately, appeared. When the storm man finds out what is tiny and meaningless. I was standing under a rocky interlaced so that it didn’t rain on me and enjoyed this natural theatre from the first row. When it stopped raining it was even before the full dark to see the Varana as swam by the sea. At night they were running around us. The grilled fish were fantastic. I eat fish only about once a year, but I will remember for a long time. The night was very sparni after the rain, so I still ran out of a dip. Just so I was sitting in the water when I noticed that when I run in the water the steep movement appears with a light jacket. Moments have lit my hands. For this natural phenomenon-bioluminescent effect can plankton.

In the morning we headed to mangrove forests. We were soon committed to the estuary of the river. In the mud shores, a number of coloured crabs ran out. There were also amphibious fish-climbing. Fish that not only ran out of the dry ground, but also slept on the branches of trees. When we approached, they were lightning-fast hiding in the holes in the mud. We went through a breathtaking canyon with caves and continued north until the river had changed to a set of mini-rivers flowing through the pralei. It was high time to rotate it. So much further we would not have even so received. The channel was wide just right for the kayaks. It was also questionable what would have made us rising water. The branches of trees we had just a bit above the heads, and the tide of us could pick up dangerously high and we could get stuck there. By the way back we are due to the influx went again upstream of the same river. Somewhere in this system of shoulders was to be a small Muslim fishing village. We had a little problem to agree in reading the map, but in the end we agreed and in addition on the right track. The Koryto River was narrower until it changed in the notional Canal, later the creek. Along the way we met several groups of monkeys or sea drones. Eventually we really arrived in the village. Well it didn’t seem that there could be some sort of trade.

Google Maps showed a shop a short distance from the bridge over us. Furthermore, the water was too shallow, so we spoke. After a few minutes they came to the boat local children, so we were a little nervous to leave there kayaks full of our equipment. We split up. Rio went back to the boat. And I with Martin in the opposite direction to get some sort of under the tooth. The village was just a store where almost nothing had. We got at least water, so that she kept us for at least two days. Fortunately, there was no shortage of fruit. We did get stocks-coconut, pineapples and bananas. We were hungry as wolves. From the morning we were on the water and could not stop anywhere.

But there was not a piece of shade, so we asked the pets if we can’t go to eat it. So they invited us in the bottom. Although it was actually out there because their houses on the churches were actually just roofs. They had one more closed room where they slept. They slept on the ground, they didn’t even have beds. We brought us a large bowl where we cleaned the fruit. I have all offered, but it was for them to see that they only take the proprieties. No wonder. They had us for the divly dressed-up and smelly weirds. In return, we offered a coffee. Just so we looked at ourselves, because any attempt at the conversation came across an unsurpassed language barrier. The old father has tried at least something to show his hands, but our worlds are so distant that even this method of communication did not go Unafung. The important thing was that we showed them that we do not have to worry about it and that we appreciate their hospitality. The first began to communicate children. You are the most curious. Despite the fact that people live in poverty, they looked completely satisfied. It has been a high time to go back to our cave. The way back was already the tide in full force and the journey looked different than the morning. We tried to find a huge cave that was supposed to be somewhere around, but after the cave did not even trace. Either we didn’t hit the right place on the map, or was the entrance to the cave already underwater. The wind began to lift. We enjoyed the moment about the fact that on it as it blows here, there are hardly any waves. But long it didn’t stand, and the final half-hour was already reminded of the padling at sea as we used to. We forted almost 30 km, of which was more than half upstream. I think I’m after fruit harvesting very quickly fell asleep.

The next day was even hotter than usual. We left the “our” cave and we headed around the spectacular cliffs facing north. The cliffs were so high that they were throwing a wide enough shade even though the Sun got a beast with the Earth surface almost 90 °. He was paddling very pleasantly. I managed to look back even marine snakes-mornáre. They are small and shy snakes, but they have one of the most powerful poisers in the animal kingdom. The coastline occupies several kinds of ponds. I managed to take one picture here. The marine map drew attention to the extensive shallow to which we approached. We relied on the fact that the sea kayaking just got a few centimetres of water, so we would not have to compromise the flow. The original plan was to visit the road fishing village in the North Lagoon, where we would be hired, complemented by stocks and we would continue to the island of Ko Chong Lat Tai. But we’ve been underestimated and stuck. During a moment the Sandy Island appeared in the distance. I had probably the most loaded kayak and so I started to shone about the bottom first. It was not a pleasant feeling, especially when you imagine that the lagoon was wide about 6 km. We checked the map and tried to miss South on the open sea. Fortunately, we quickly came to the fact that the inked sticks in the water, not the fishing mark, but marked by a corridor where the water is deeper. These “drain” channels were several, but they are not marked in any map and are quite possible to change during the year.

It was time to head east to the town of Laem Sak. It was just a bit. The tide here was already in full force and so we had to climb the pier on wooden ladders. Straight we stopped for lunch at the restaurant. I am also looking forward to cold water. While they brought food, I drank about 2 litres. Guys went on a survey to the city, I stayed to guard the ship. After about 10 minutes they returned that they had already handled the room just a few yards next to the restaurant. We parked kayaks just below the balcony. The more valuable things we have banged up. The bottom was formed by mud and empty boxes of quantities of shellfish species. To the sharper ones, Martin, who stepped out of the kayaking barefoot, and immediately cut the foot. It has fallen. Well not for that blow, but because the water in the stoke terribly smelled. Some houses emit sewage straight into the sea. We immediately helped him to clean and disinfect the wound. There was such a stink that I voluntarily first slept inside. I was wondering if I can get sick just by inhaling it. I tried to ask the staff of the hotel to see if I can wash my clothes somewhere. Namely, we didn’t understand the word, but finally she took my underwear to her home and I was back and forth and later in the evening, and brought on the balcony. I put my first shower after three days. Phenomenal feeling. In the evening we went to go to the city where there was also a great Buddhist monastery, which we have seen from the distance for several days. In the evening, we still returned to the restaurant to taste a sharp-tail.

Away from this stack. For breakfast I only caught rice with pineapple and some unfamiliar vegetables, which was just so laid on the table. We averted directly to the southeast tip of Ko Chong Lat Tai. Along the way we met a Muslim married couple who had been fishing. Later we met them again. The coast of the island formed high cliffs with vertical pralesom, sometimes we found a cave. There were also several sandy beaches with coconut palms. Some might also be an emergency sleep. However, there was a total dense vegetation. On one of them we stopped to be suned and packed. He waited us boring Travez to the island of Ko Mak. But we still have a lot of time. Furthermore, as on Ko Mak, we would not have been in the normal time. I suggested that we put down traverse and continue to the server. There was a lot of nice corners. Already when the guys started looking towards the island, I noticed the entrance to the cave. I walked in the bottom, but just behind the first bend it was so dark that it was not visible whether it continues. Rio helped me pull out the trunk headlight. He paid off. The cave has continued for a while, but it is only possible to walk. I decided that I go there to see. Early in front of me appeared a huge hall with a karic décor. The smell of Guana has been revealing that it will not be empty. And indeed, there were full bats. It was a powerful experience so I came back for the guys, let them go see also them. Probably it has already been on the bats too much stress because they started to get nervous around us. Very nice it was not. We had no idea if we were attacking us. They feed on insects, but they were huge, have teeth and carry many dangerous diseases. So long we didn’t disturb them and let them sleep.

From the cave we were overaverted straight to Ko Mak. We managed to stop at about a single restaurant on the island and so we used it straight away. Despite the communication problem, the food was fantastic. The sun has remained for several hours. We agreed to bypass the whole island and try to find a place to sleep. Along the way we stopped at a local coffee shop, but they claimed to us that they have neither coffee nor tea nor anything else to drink. Apparently, they didn’t want us there, because they all had something sipping. We looked away and padked on. He picked up the wind and soon came the waves. A pleasant breeze here is priceless. When we were approaching the point of launch it looked like that there is no place to sleep. The coastline was either inhabited by fishermen, or completely unfit for sleeping. In that, Martin noticed several deserted cottages. Indeed, they have been uninhabited for a few years, but very nice. Perhaps we will not mind anyone when the terrace of one of them is moved. There was a tide and the water here was warm and dirty. So, I didn’t buy it in dry and wondered how to dočiahnem coconut on some of the palms. I found about 6 feet long bamboo rod. It was probably water, because it was pretty heavy, but I managed to throw one nut on the ground. Later, he took advantage of the bamboo rod Rio and climbed over it to the lowest palm tree and the knife cut off 3 or 4 coconths. A good dinner can never be bad yet. After dark we went to a small exploration of the village. In addition to a couple of houses and schools we found nothing. The island does not even have electricity. There were only wind turbines and places to hear the noise of the workshop aggregates. The night was pleasantly pofukovalo and so she slept very pleasantly. Above the rim I woke up to hear the voices and I see the light of the headbands. Two guys passed around us, but probably didn’t notice us at all. I was afraid of not throwing us, but they were just fishermen who came to put traps. They were noisy enough, and probably had something in themselves. What Allah does not see, it did not happen. Beer could not be in any Muslim village.

Breakfast looked hopelessly. Baba from the restaurant was not there. We tried to order something, but neither the image nor the sound. I showed the rice, but just twisted my head. When we were going to leave, our Savior returned. Namely, he was not in the word of English, but at least was communicative and had an effort to understand. We were still water and we went to the island of Ko Panyi. He waited us about the most boring and most challenging traverz. About 12 kilometers of open sea under the tropical sun without any possibility to stop somewhere. Moreover, there was again a concern that we had an arrest of the tide. Fortunately, it quickly went through. He helped us a little bit of current. Along the way, we jumped out of kayaks and robbed. Too bad this cooling does not last longer. We decided to risk it and instead of a direct journey to the island, we chose a labyrinth of mangrove forests to the north. This was reminiscent of the old Danube trough. The counter stream was weak, so she was paddling quite pleasantly. Along the way we saw several huge jellyfish. From the woods we came out north over Ko Panyi. In front of the city we gave a break and sunbed on the sandy beach. After arriving in the city, we noticed a nice looking restaurant. The opposite was, however, true. The staff of the large restaurant sat on the butts, while the trash was painted all over the country and the plates were unsweetened. The food was appeful. I ordered three different meals, but I gave just a little bit of one. Others were not usable. While the guys were looking for a hostel, I’m a digestiled boat. Several times, I was asked to take the plate away from the table, but even after an hour they missed them. The restaurant has started playing with kaywns. Very drzo. Always when I turned pulled something out of the boat. I sat down so I can see them and I begged them to leave, but they just laughed.

When the boys came to find accommodation, I was looking forward to finally get out of there. We went to the south side of the island where we had the most expensive accommodation in Thailand. Nothing extraordinary, but there was a shower and it was there purely. After the sun we went on a night walk of the city. If you can actually talk about some city. The whole island is actually formed by houses on the churches. Among them are wooden or even walled trails that serve as streets. Really bizarre Post. There was a unreal stink. Especially at Odlive. The mud was a hill of garbage. On the second day, the situation with bad food was also repeated in another restaurant. I had just been bad luck. Fish are eaten on the island. Vegetables here Unlike the rest of Thailand is not in the course. We even had the problem with the fruit. We managed to get just a few pineapples and bananas from the restaurant. They had it for cooking and more to give us they didn’t want. It was a fact of unpleasant warmth and we gave a day break. In the harbor, we caught a boat with a driver who took us to the mangrove woods and to the cave where we wanted to commit, but we did not find forces. We reviewed it as a totally wasted trip. The noise of the ship engine safely shest all the beasts and is actually not to look at. Similar caves we have seen a lot. The only interesting thing was the cave painting. Before about 10.000 years ago there was sea level a few meters below and almost the entire Gulf of Phang Nga was the rainforest inhabited by the people who used these caves. The paintings looked but too much preserved, and therefore fell in doubt whether it was not only a recently created attraction for tourists. In the evening I got a strong diarrhea with which I fought all night. I was not sleeping at all and I still thought of whether I can handle another padling. But Rio did not write about half of his pharmacist, and in the morning it was no longer so bad.

In the morning we set off very soon. We didn’t want to again experience this unbearable heat. This time the journey led around several islands, which could also be conveniently stopped. In this part of the bay we have experienced the strongest marine currents. Sometimes we felt like the middle of the Danube. In search of a place for a dip and lunch, we came across a fantastic beach where it could be luxuriously overnight. The prales here was not very dense, there was also a knitting booth where it could be hidden from the rain. The number of islands served as a parasol. Since we set off before, we also previously arrived. I suggested to stay on the shady side of the island near the port of Tambon Khlong Khian, where we wanted to find a place to sleep. Guys caught fish and I just wandered around the coast and were looking for some sort of life. After the rocks I failed to climb too high and so I just lay in the water and cooled. I noticed in the water hundreds of small translucent tubular jellyfish. Here, there was something in the post, but they were still the same “sea fleas”, some sort of crustaceans that lurk in the sand and bite in the legs. Nothing could be caught even though around Ria swam the caterpillars of small sharks. He did not react to a supped pitfalls at all.

By the way to the port we fought a moment with the flow of the tide, but it was not far away. The port was a floating platform, so it was pleasantly. Nearby was a restaurant where we were perfectly hired. Tom Yum Soup was the first time really such a pinch that I felt that breath lit fire. There was so much chilli that was completely red. The hostel was right next to the restaurant. Cottages directly above the water built from mangrove branches. This must man see. I was wondering that still that one night it lasts. After the shower neither traces. The cottage was a flush toilet. But not flush. Neither could, there was no water. There was a barrel on the water, for flushing. Understand straight to the sea under the cottage. But there was water so on one flush. On the ground was a madrac. Mainly that there was an LCD TV. As usual, I slept outside, but I moved away, because on the plateau in front of our cottage there was not enough space and there had a nest of tree ants that persistently bite into everything that stands in their way. Even so it had something to self-sleep over the water in the mangrove crowns. At night, for example, the crabs were seen as a loat on the trees. We also saw the ostrotails.

Before bedtime, we saw Ria with Martin as trying to explain Tom our situation. It looked like it fails to understand why we want to change something that we have already agreed more than a month ago. The original plan was that we return to the island of Koh Yao Noi, from where we set off more than a week ago. The problem was that we had to traverse the open sea more than 30 km, or over 40 km if we wanted to take advantage of the way around the islands. Nowhere could it be sleep. In addition, in the strait between the islands of Koh Yao Noi and Koh Yao Yai, there is a stream that cannot be attracted to the kayaking. Finally, we agree that the kayaks will pick up in the port Khlong Khian south of us. But they had time to evening and couldn’t take us to the port from where they went to the boat on Koh Yao Noi, where we had things. Foreigners must not ride on the crown of the car. Among the districts in Thailand are roadside checks, something similar to us once border crossings.

We waited for almost lunch at our last padling. The marine currents here were so strong that it didn’t make sense to fight them. On the contrary, we decided to take away the “home”. As soon as I sat down on the water, I found myself still standing up to one side. The rudder broke down. Not that it would have worked, but at least did not make a bad guy. Rio was fixed by Eskapáan. The problem was that the rudder was constructed so unfortunate that the kayak was filmed even though it was raised. After a few kilometers I had a taste to break it off. I had to fight with that. When we got to the island of Panak, it was seen as heavily flowing water. There was a cave, but there was no safe to get off there. He fell the idea that we are jumping into the water and we leave to swim there. It wouldn’t have To be very happy. Underwater was a number of caves, and the stream would be there a man could easily push it. We decided not to try it and let us meet below where the map was to be a beach. The driver of the ship who imported the people into the cave said that when we wait for at least an hour, we get to the cave as well as kayaks. We did not let us because we said that even the more beautiful cave we will no longer see. The captain of the next boat advised us that a piece south is another big cave available to the kayak. She didn’t look very interesting, but I pulled even so the headlight and went to look. The opposite was true. The cave system had more than 200 meters and despite hundreds of bats there was not such a smell because there was water. The partial ending of our voyage.

Thanks to the stream, we traverse the mainland in about half of the estimated time and we had yet to pause for bathing. Rio sank to the bottom and found that the depth of the sea to kilometers away from the shore is just over 2 meters. The tide culminated and the port we reached in the highest time. Water has reached even the shore. Even so, it was nothing pleasant. In difficult terrain, loaded kayaks could not be pulled into the steep hill, and we no longer had the energy to wear them loaded. So we landed things and brought them to the parking lot. And then the boats gradually took off. My kayak we pulled out last. I didn’t see my feet under my legs and I broke out a concrete muse. Burst. But even my foot it schytala. I have been uncomfortable with the hoof, in one place to the bone. Fortunately, it happened to the very end of our expedition. I quickly sprayed the wound with Septonex and Martin was bound by an elasticated bandage.

We were here to take a taxi from the restaurant to make a call. We have not had the time to wait until they come after the kayaks because we would not be transferring to Koh Yao Noi. Taxi though came, but it was a common scooter. I showed a drive to the shipping gear of the three kayaks and the moment he rebued me that he sees no problem. I know that the Thai people would be able to load it on that scooter and therefore I stopped it straight with the fact that we want a car. He claimed to me that the car has and that he was on the road. It wasn’t true, but she didn’t want to lose a deal and so she called all over the village until the car was caught. We have already reconciled with the fact that the ship will not be caught and we will have to sleep somewhere on Phukete. According to the navigation it was too late, but we had a fortune, even if we were late for almost 10 minutes still loading luggage. We literally skipped from the car to the ship. At the base we arrived already after the darkness. I enjoyed a good meal. At night I slept on the beach. I set my head to not break my head in a possible fall of coconut walnut. Fantastically Pofukovalo. A long time ago I did not sleep so well. As the beach was East, I had the opportunity to see the magnificent sunrise above the horizon.

The last day we used to rest and pack. I’ve put the relet of all things. Although practically none of this was wearing, the bags for kayaks were not very sealed and the humidity was also put into the watertight bags. All laundry was uncomfortable. In the evening we went to look into a distant village that was a little larger than the one in which we were walking. We bought at least some souvenirs such as dried durian or breadfruit. Last night I didn’t know to stop thinking of it when I finally see my two Lucie.

In the afternoon we set off to the port from which we took a taxi to the airport. We had to divide because we didn’t go the same plane. Rio had an extra stop in Bangkok. We met up in Dubai. I don’t even know when, because I had a few kilometers of wandering at the airport asleep on the ground behind the bench. As in the airplane also at the airport was horrible cold. I do not understand why the airport is cooled to such an unbearably low temperature. I started a heat breath when I walked out of the bus before boarding. And it was by the thermometer outside only 17 ° C. The trip to Budapest was very fast. And even I did not know and called me Lucia that he already goes to the airport. Outside I waited a temperature shock. I was only in a shirt and in sandals. Outside was only 5 º C. Subjective it was becoming more enjoyable than at an air-conditioned airport. Still the last few hours of car trip and I was finally home!

Another donated expedition to the sea kayaks. Even though I value it for one of those more demanding, it has been very fast throughout. I kept struggling with unbearable heat and damp. Even those our kayaks weren’t just a win. The nature and scenery of the Phang Nga Gulf have all been replaced. This way, I would like to thank the Steamman Martin and Mario. A better part for such a trip can not imagine. Nothing was a problem and even in less pleasant moments the government always had a difficult comfort and optimism. I firmly believe that this was not our last expedition. I also learned more smiles. With local people, without a smile, they just couldn’t communicate. I especially want to thank my wife and daughter, which I let myself at home.

I also thank all those who got through this long text to the end. Please share. You will help so get this blog post well to other people. I will also appreciate your feedback and any questions.

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