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This winter I was more than a cold, so I had a chance to think more about how to use the new season. I would like this year to end my pilgrimage Danube and therefore the selection of the next hike fell to one of the missing sections: Budapest-Moháč. This sewage was scheduled for the beginning of March. Just because of the cold, we finally canceled it. However, the new term during Easter brought the opportunity to fully enjoy the spring in addition to a more pleasant temperature. This part of the Danube people have described me as the most boring, the dirtiest and the least slow. Probably there, however, have never been because it is certainly not true.
I did not have much time to prepare this Full moon. From the boat map I just counted the distance and the evening before leaving, I was in the Ikea bags just the most basic equipment complemented by a camera, a few pounds of different citrus fruits, protein and water. I made a workout from the trip. River kilometers I counted more than I challenged since the beginning of the year.
We went to Budapest early in the morning on Friday. In the constipation we lost more than an hour. From the fine 3000 forints we did a big head not doing until we did not find that Mr. COP just did not know to say English 30.000. In addition to the fact that we did not like to be a ban on the entrance, they persuated me that we were kayaks and the outfit were able to take away those few hundred feet of walking. I did not understand my attempt to joke when I give them the question of how long here we will say that by Monday if he goes well. For a fine I obviously thanked nicely, so we apologize to them that they are sorry.
In the water we deployed a piece under the island of Szentendre so that we can enjoy the atmosphere of the city from the water. It’s probably the most beautiful city on the Danube and the feeling I always enjoy. There is very dense shipping, so you need to be very cautious. We also met dozens of leads. When we went through the most frequented part of the Danube, we had a late lunch right on the water. Gradually, the noise of the city was wiped out and we found ourselves in the midst of the endless belt of the Lutheran forest. There is a village and a small town here, but otherwise the Hungarian Danube is a Slovak. Thus, in addition to that width. Even though we were paded only half a day, so the darkness managed to do almost 60 kilometers. We had to keep this pace throughout the voyage.
A nice place to sleep was not an emergency, and every day we found one within 20 minutes. Everywhere was very purely. In this, the Hungians are much better than my Slovaks. Your environment weighs more than we do. The Danube has a lot more to do. There are more boats, lots of fishermen, and many other people go to the water.
Every day we stopped by the river police, sometimes even several times a day. They came to check us at the end of our trip, this time no longer on the boat but by car in port.  They always just bet if everything is OK. Odd, I have not met.
The third day we left the main flow of the Danube and we paded the shoulders. The arm had more than 10 kilometers and back to the Danube, we returned to the sun before the sunset. After more than 2 hours of padling, we just got around the Danube a few kilometers away. The campground we found very quickly, however, was infested with mosquitoes so I just hid it under the mosquito. I was so tired that I woke up in the morning. To catch the distance deficit, we set off early in the morning. Breakfast and lunch I graduated without a boat appearance. The last stretch was the nicest. Endless forest, large sand beaches or a lot of shoulders. The curves on this wide Danube look very exotically and the country ceases to be such a monotonous.
We did not know how much we still left, but we knew that we certainly do not prosecute the agreed time of departure. We had to find a place where he will give not only to get off the water, but he gets there even a car. It succeeded up somewhere at the end of the Moháča, fortunately, without fines, even if the police did not miss. Moháč is a border town. There are now two countries in Hungary: Serbia and Croatia.
The last day of the padlock gave us a good take-off, in addition to the predation of miles, the wind that began to blow from the South was signed. This trip has not only fulfilled its training sense, but also the tourist. The beautiful landscape, sample weather, endless camping possibilities and the Danube without a barrier are a guarantee of good paddling.