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The last two years have a little bit of habit on the previously for me the unimaginable idea that the Danube is not a river only for large ships. It does not take me to the water swipes, does not pass the speedboat, does not overthrow a large wave and does not suck the turbine of the Hydro power.

Through Ria and his on the cord to the pest and through the višeckove prospectors in the Hungarian shoulders, we also gradually painted the Danube wide horizons. This weekend we were inspired by the Danube Kayaker blog and the fact that Tomáš has a free, our favorite Nifty Delsykácke on the weekend, and heard the call of the Dunajské siren.

The hardest with long kayaky is to always invent a logistically claplifting plan. Since we are just two, this time we invented the boat from the roof of our ladybugs to Kroneuburgu so that we will return to the Sunday afternoon by train. Kroneuburg because there is excellent connection of the rails, it’s over Vienna, and with only one dam this after the Karlovean shipyard (from where we borrowed the boat) makes 80 kilkers what is on two days for us just right away. In addition, we can pass the shoulders of the Donau Auen Park, where we have not yet been.

We are on the ramp in a relaxing seaside park on the Donaustrasse in Kroneuburgu. In a quiet area we leave to stand the car without worrying. It is a Saturday hot day and beaches over Vienna are full of people, children and dogs. We also give one pause for bathing and lunch, while we sail between Vienna’s bridges and tall buildings on the old Danube. On the Freudenau dam we weigh whether we will use a heavy traffic in the Pať’s Council and sail through the shipping chamber, or transfer the ships to a long forer. A little bit we fear of the unknown, therefore Janík is composed by our native OBO chassis, I’m furious under the dam after one of the luxury domestic trolleys under the boat and for awhile we are already in turn. It is 35 degrees, from concrete walls and roads around the dam but the hall even worse heat. Sweat the shield in the eyes, revolves the head. We are cooled for a few minutes in the river and we jump into kayaks. We are happy when the breeze and Danube water cools the hips of the kayaks in the middle of the riverbed. The water is just the best. Over the heads every two three minutes will be revealed by the plane – this is approaching the schwechat. We are already in the national park, but sometimes the tents are visible on the gravel shores. We stop for a moment in Orthe, we fill in the allowed section of one of the tough shoulders, and a team of gorgeous wooden boats and a mill in the bay. It is our most beloved time on the water-the evening makes a beautiful soft light, a traffic on the river Redne and awaits us a wonderful sunset.

Just before the dark we anchor at the Au Patise, a single officially permitted whip in the Donau Auen Park. It is a short walk from Stopfenreuthu, we look forward to the supper and Tomama advised by the whirlwind, but the local pubs are one closed and the other went bankrupt. I forgot about the guitar, so take a moment to play with the idea that we would set off the bridge to the opposite of the Bad Deutch Altenburg, but it goes to us the fatigue of a singing Friday night on fire at the Trampan settlement above Charles Vsou and even so we will not have a long Life. And the dreaded gang of local chatted Minihors luckily around the tenth silence and everywhere is calm. We have an eternity from our own stock and we fall into sleeping bags. Janík sleeps outdoors, attracts ticks and mosquitoes. Also from the surrounding statutes is to hear the Plieskanie.

In the morning we become the first one, we are the only ones on boats. The rest of the settlements of the terraces consist of bajkeri and families with children. We sail to the river, and after a half mile under the bridge we sail in the shoulders. This Stopfenreuthské is shallow, somewhat rotting, with fish and a boiler of aquatic flora. We like more than two transmitters and after a couple of shactions in that Spittelauer’s. Too bad it is so short. There is a wonderful calm and quiet, clean water. After the restless, Vibrante Energy of Vienna and the large Danube with speedboats it is total antiklimax. At the end of the arm a little weigh or look for the conveyor, or the boat to stretch the bridge over its discharge, which is about 2 meters above the Danube level. Finally, we go to the rocks, on the stones with a little slide, otherwise it is very comfortable. The stream fits us very quickly under Devín, we give another bathing break. A little hesitated or going to go to the Karlovean arm where we haven’t yet been, but the time is pushing us a little. We already interpret and wash the boats in the shipyard. From the main station, we are two-hour two trains in Kroneuburgu in the car. Around the zthurium storms and winds. From the rafting of Moravy we know a great bathing secret in Marchegg with a beautiful surroundings. The map is reported as a minimum, so we end the weekend in the blue Clean water Eisteichu. The storm politely waits until we turn the car door and we are home. A weekend where everything is turned off and nothing can go wrong.

Author: Marta Furdíková