Vogalonga 2017 – Have you ever felt like in a historic war film?

This is machine translation.

Kayak I fell in love mainly because I can roam in nature. I would never have thought to use it to explore the city. In Venice I was already as a child. I remember him as a dirty city with narrow alleles and lots of piers.  Back then I drilled my head, why he walks so many tourists. This dirty and stinking city attents the most tourists throughout Italy. Thanks to Vogalonge I came to the why!

Exploration of the city before Regattou.

The route of the Regatty itself is 30 km in total. Yellow points show dangerous places with narrow channels where you need to be particularly careful.

The camp in Fusina village was located next to a huge refinery. Already when we were there at night they came to be felt stink than when you go around SLOVNAFTU. In addition to the same odor, there has also been a number of prostitutes. Venice itself could be reached through a shallow lagoon. It was about 8 kilometers of padling.

Already from a distance there were seen a number of huge cruise ships. In the lagoon itself, the sea was very quiet. However, this has suddenly changed the advent of the central channel. Many ships made really big waves rolling out from all sides. We were on a very stable double kayak, so the waves did not make any problem. Most people, however, caught panic. I managed to tear off the rudder. Fortunately, we were already early on the other side of the channel. In the narrow streets of Venice after which we tried to get up to the Grande channel they were up to the number of boats we had to avoid the relatively quiet conditions.

Padching in the Grande channel was very exciting. It was here to feel the ancient atmosphere of the city. However, we had to pay attention to the number of fast motor boats.  So how do you see the ITTs ride on cars, so they just drive on boats.

Places for easy appearances from the kayaking in Venice many will not find. This in the fish market was completely crowded with kaywns. This was the registration for the Regattu. The markets have just ended and the amount of seagnls were there for leftovers. The staircase after which we stepped up were covered with a layer of their excrement. Some people had to sit down, some were even overturned and redeemed. From one I heard that it was really an experience when he had to be in that smradleft dressed all day.

I am fortunately just smeared my hands. I wanted to wash them in the channels, but the water so smelled that I thought it and I sacrificed a bit of drinking water supplies. Later, I found out that around the city there are cold water fountains that I have often used to freshing. By the sea it is cool that even if it can be very hot, you can at any time jump into the water and cool down. In Venice, however, it is so dirty water that directly in the city people are simply not buying. In the lagoon there is also very shallow water and the sea is very warm. Now it should definitely be over 30 ° C. We bought only once on the flip side of the island of Lido (which in the translation of a rounded beach). The temperature and color of the water was like in Venice. I hope that at least the composition of it was about something better.

To Venice I invited a friend who is living video productions. In the past, he told me that she wants filming from kayaking sometime to try. Having had a kayak and overall with water had zero experience, so we first tried it on the Danube. “Beta test” was fine, so we decided to try it.

The padling of Venice was fine. In the city it remained only to me, so that the cameraman could fully devote to the filming. Kilometers, however, was added, and the untrained bunch of afternoon was no longer ruled to padulate at all. In the way back he broke his phone, and he added a psychic to the physical uncool. The water must always be calm, but it is also necessary to be painted and the way back was very exhautious. Pulling a double kayak most of the road itself on the route of more than 25 kilometers long is not very pleasant.

I decided that the steamer on the regatta did not go. She waited us almost two times so long route and much less time. In the evening I was looking for someone to join me in a double kayak. I advised me something even better. I exchanged “double” for “singles” and later I was still in exchange to gain a faster kayak.

I found a steam alternative program in the form of transportation with ferry to Venice and the possibility of filming from the ground.

We started early in the morning to reach the start. On the way to start I felt an unpleasant pain in the shoulders of the previous padching. I was beginning to doubt that I would pass more than 30 km, if I have a problem to go through the first 5 km.

At the start we came just in time. They remained two minutes. There were more than a thousand ships. I tried to pull the phone up and make a few pictures, but I kept getting untamed with a rather labilly kayak in the waves of a central channel. The blow was taken from the cannon that started the race. The Masa ships were put in motion. They were surrounded by bells of church towers and drumming from dragon ships. An indescripable atmosphere. This somehow had to be felt in the past by sailors in military mining. I completely ignored shoulder pain and I started moving forward. Padlling in such a mase is very challenging, but the amount of adrenaline in the blood has driven me forward.

The circuit began in Venice, continued the lagoon to the cities of Burano and Murano and back to Venice. At the first break I found out that others had already disconnected and shortened their way from the beginning right now to the island of Murano, where they were to see the glass workshops. The next break I put up at the destination in Venice. Everywhere there were many people and few places to show off the water so I haven’t lunch yet. From the terrible death, the organizers of Regatty who were throwing in the water of bananas were saved. First I have a invention that someone lost them. I hunted out of the sea the whole tassel. Later, I came to the ship from which they were thrown out and showed up a few more. I Ziedol them about a kilo and boosted the continued race.

The target straight is led by a narrow Grande channel. It was not possible to crash at all, so I had only his hands reflected from the passers. On the shore were hundreds of clashing people. I felt great gratification that I got it behind and finally I will relax.

Venice from the water look completely different. Authentically. People here are living on the water.  There is no bike here, there are no bicycles, not walking. Everything is here closely linked to water. Suddenly you see it. For a moment you will become part of the city and its life. You can see him by the eyes of his inhabitants. The history of Venice is very powerful, dating back to the middle of 5. Century. More than 1000 years have been a separate non-negative republic. They occupied a significant part of the Mediterranean, conquered the Constanínopol. Opened the gates to the Orient.  The history of Venice and the whole of the Republic of Venice is truly impressive. That’s why they walk so many tourists. However, the fate of this city is uncertain. Buildings are tending. Young people are moving behind the work that there is a shortage. The rising sea level may, however, be the last clove into the coffin of this dying city. A number of tourists are causing a slow but confident breakdown of the city. Residents want to limit tourist visits, but in addition to the production of Venetian glass, tourism is the only source of income. The Vogalonga itself is actually a protest against large motor ships.

But there was still a trip from Venice to Fusina. However, the number of motor boats has been debounding for the last few kilometers. Apparently, a day has been moving around the city because of the race and the robot has postponed to the afternoon. Later, he started a strong wind, so I decided not to have bored. I added to the pace because I thought that everyone on me in the campsite are waiting. The opposite was true. Even though I graduated the whole circuit I came among the first. Until the other people came over I was packed and put a shower.

I will surely be back to Venice. There’s nothing to discover. Vogalonga offers a unique chance to become at least a little moment of Venice.