Late autumn paddling in National Park Kornati

This is machine translation.

In the middle of the week I received from mate from the yard a suggestion whether I am going to kayakate to Croatia. It was a hastily but long enough window with good weather in the last October week is not granted. I nodded. I was ready for a long time in the Kornati National Park. Just for bad weather it has never failed yet.

1. Day

We went on Thursday afternoon. The last pause for the goal, up in the Velebit mountain range, has not pleasantly surprised us. The temperature was only just above freezing. After a half-hour of decreasing the mountain motorway, the temperature rose to some 10 °c. We’ve been tired of stretching the sleeping bags and hanging out a cool night next to the car.

Immediately in the morning she was off and until we headed out to the sea the thermometer showed 20 ° C. The water was like that.

The Kornati Islands are a paradise for yachtkeepers. It was almost completely windless, so we were orbiting one after another.

Shortly after lunch has been very warm. We have paded without a break. On the outer belt of the islands it is about 30 km. The days are already short and the places suitable for sleeping here are just a few. Officially in this national park must not sleep outside anywhere and even for the mere entry to NP is paid. So late in the fall here, however, there is no one to check it out.

The Kornati consists of 147 islands on the area of about 300 km2. Of which the national Park occupies 89 islands on the area of 223 km2. There’s nothing to discover.

The islands look at a glance without life. But in addition to the poor vegetation you will find also strips of subtropical forest. After dark from the stone, many animals climbs. There are all the beauties running around here. People have deleted the sheep, which also survive these harsh conditions.  The sea here is full of fish and rare coral, which here in the warmer months seek divers. We managed to pour a full pot of crabs. One was avenged and in a moment of unattention I click on my finger. I ate it first.

2. Day

There is no electricity or potable water on the islands. Some islands are still inhabited. In addition to tourist tourism, people are mainly living in fishing.

Even on the uninhabited islands here and there manages to meet the natimbers like Tita and his dog.

This private island with a lighthouse can be rented out. From above there is a perfect view of the surrounding countryside, which we have obviously not left to miss. They have recovered our home here, first they were made very hostile, but when I explained that we were at home just photographed, so we took a hand and met. It was enough to repeat what’s beautiful here.

3. Day

Last evening came predicted a strong wind and started raining. In the morning, even though it was not so bad we did not go right on the water, but had a walking hike on the island where we managed to find a place to sleep. Nearby we discovered a place with hundreds of stone totemov that adorned the mountain of high cliffs. They are said to have built the souls of indigenous peoples in ancient times.

Since there is nowhere a source of drinking water, no one has ever lived there and apparently totems built tourists.

These majestic reefs stretch many kilometers away. In addition to being able to look back from the bottom of the kayaking, it is possible to partially walk through the ridge. There is also a lagoon nearby. Sort of Salt Lake on the island. Too bad it is not a saler. Even during the cold evening, we constantly annoitated mosquitos.

It’s beautiful here. On this island I would remain calm and more closely explored.

A long way back to the mainland began to deteriorate the weather. About the last two hours already, the sea was able to know and caught some of those wolves. The final traverse between the last island and the mainland already gave me a total take off. I’ve already been tired, getting started with my winter, and because of me every now and then I shed the waves, I was all wet. I told you that already the few last kilometers I can handle without jackets.

On the mainland we arrived with the sun sunset. The satisfaction was all the more that we, despite the bad weather forecasts, managed to get to the mainland and save so one day. We decided to use it. Last I was sprung up in the sea and we set off a straight home.