Sea Kayaking through three capitals – 1. Planning

The end of this summer is here and in our latitude it is the last chance for an adventure in countryside with a nice weather during the day and not too cold  nights. I decided to take an advantage of months of practice on water with a sea kayak. I chose the longest river in the European Union, the second longest river in Europe and the 30th longest river in the world. No need to go far away, it is our Danube. A stretch of approximately 270 kilometers connects the capitals of three neighboring countries:  Vienna, Bratislava and  Budapest, Hungary. That will be our voyage.

Map of Danube
Map of Danube


I planned this voyage for 5 days.  The Danube flows up to Bratislava pretty fast and we are trying to go to Dobrohošť  even if a very good weather forecast will not be a reality. Then we will transfer kayaks into the old Danube, which is much nicer.  Except a ferry there are no large ships that destroy a peaceful sleep. There is a large wooded island in the vicinity  of the transfer point,  which makes a perfect place to pitch a camp.

DayDaily distanceTravel distance
Day 170 km70 km
Day 250 km120 km
Day 350 km170 km
Day 450 km220 km
Day 556 km276 km



River kilometers

Day 1kilometer
Vienna harbour1916,8 - 1920,2
Orth an der Donau1904,0
Hainburg an der Donau1883,5
Devín castle1880,26
Bratislava harbour1867,0
Čunovo dam1852,0
Dobrohošť 1842,0 (transmission of ships)
Island (camp)1840,0
Day 2kilometer
Hullám csárda 1820,0
GABČÍKOVO lock1819,0
confluence with old Danube1811,0
GYÖR-GÖNYU harbour1807,0
Beach (camp)~1796
Day 3kilometer
KOMÁRNO bridge1767,9
Čarda Moča (camp)~1746
Day 4km
Štúrovo harbour1722,0
Esztergom Cathedral1718,0
Ipeľ river1708,2
Visegrad (camp)1697,0
Day 5kilometer
Budapest (Final Destination)1657,0-1640,0