A few years ago I got my first sea kayak from my wife. I capsized in the icy water on my first test ride on a nearby lake. I found out that kayaking wasn’t going to be as easy for me as I thought. I started going to kayak school right away in the spring.

I immediately started to enjoy paddling. To keep up with the others I had to train hard every day. In the beginning, I set myself a goal to paddle so well that I could train alone on the Danube River. It didn’t take long and not only did I make it, but my training started to inspire other people as well.

I gained experience first on tours organized by a local agency, then as an assistant guide. I spent a lot of time on the rivers and the Adriatic Sea. But I got bored very quickly.

The absolute turning point came when I decided to try to paddle the whole Austrian part of the Danube river. It completely changed my life. Two years later, after more than 2.500 kilometers paddled, I found myself in the Black Sea.

I continued with exotic expeditions in Thailand and the remote Philippines islands, which gave my life a new dimension. During the pandemic, I focused on increasing my physical fitness. I switch to marathon-style paddling. I paddled solo around the largest river island in Europe, or I crossed the entire Croatian stretch of the Adriatic Sea trough the most remote way through the outer islands in 20 days.

Slovakia as the country I come from has no sea coast. This is also reflected in the tributes of sea paddlers and their experiences. I have known for a long time that if I want to move further, I have to look much further. And so I organized an international expedition that went around the whole of the Lofoten islands.

Apart from paddling, I like to run long distances with my dog Foxo, or just wander around the countryside. In winter I combine paddling with alpine-style skiing in our beautiful Slovak mountains.

Last year I started with sailing. The idea of a floating base for remote sea kayak expeditions has been in my head for a long time.

I’m an IT consultant for a living.