Sea kayaks

Three-seater fiber glass sea kayak from Sweden

Sea kayak MELKER ÖRSKÄR for sale. The kayak is designed for 2-3 paddlers = 2 + child, or 2 + luggage. The kayak is in like new condition.


  • Length: 586cm
  • Weight: 33kg

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Price: 2400 €

Folding kayaks with 50% discount

Both kayaks can be carried on the plane as regular luggage. The kayaks were only used for testing and on an expedition in the Philippines. You will find everything documented in detail in the articles and videos that can be found directly in this article. The kayaks also come with valuable additional equipment.

Nortik Argo I

Purebred fast expedition sea folding kayak.

Nortik Argo I

  • Length: 520cm
  • Weight: 19kg

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  • Price: 1350 €
  • EU shipping: 100 €

Nortik Argo II

Two-seater, fast, extremely stable, durable and spacious folding sea kayak.

Nortik Argo II

  • Length: 610cm
  • Weight: 28kg

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  • Price: 1600 €
  • EU shipping: 100 €

Ultralight packrafts

Kokopelli Nirvana Self-Bailing

Single-seater extremely packable and durable packraft from an American manufacturer designed for wild water. Self-bailing design with no TiZip and no spars - the most reliable design.

Kokopelli Nirvana Self-Bailing

Condition: 4 years old, 100% condition, been on 1 expedition before the pandemic started, 20 days on the water in total.

  • Color: Olive Drab Green
  • Length: 229cm
  • Weight: 3,8kg
  • Price: 750€ (original price 1650€)
  • EU shipping: 50 €

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If you are interested in the offer, or if you want to rent a folding kayak, don’t hesitate to call me on +421-904-272-344. You can reach me also on Signal and WhatsApp.

Expedícia na skladacích kajakoch Nortik Argo I/II

Testovanie skladacích kajakov Nortik Argo I/II