Adventure diary

Seakayak and outdoor adventures. Wildlife discovery. Finding places where dreams may come true.

Between Giants and Waves - Meet the Giants

Exploring ocean life above and below the water. First paddling with whales. Venturing into the rainforest. Continuing the great adventure amidst the wild nature of the North Pacific.

Between Giants and Waves ~ On the Edge of Civilization

I dreamed of moving freely amidst the unspoiled wilderness surrounded by modern people. I found exactly such a place in the Canadian province of British Columbia. This is the introduction to the first of seven chapters about a great adventure in the North Pacific.

Between Giants and Waves ~ Navigating Lofoten III

The final third part of the story about an adventure in the Arctic part of the Atlantic Ocean. See how I circumnavigated the Norwegian Lofoten archipelago in marathon style on a sea kayak. Discover the beauty of pristine nature. Paddling after sunset. The next four days we paddled in rain and fog, a reminder that we were beyond the Arctic Circle.

Between Giants and Waves ~ Navigating Lofoten II

Confronting Arctic North Atlantic's extreme paddling challenges - fierce headwinds, relentless waves, and the raw elements. Amidst unyielding rain and soaked gear, find breathtaking mountain vistas and serene Arctic wilderness. The sun shines like a new realm's gateway, offering shelter and fulfillment in one of Earth's most stunning landscapes, testing limits and resilience.

Between Giants and Waves ~ Navigating Lofoten I

Embark on a riveting sea kayaking journey across Lofoten's archipelago, where a diverse international team faced unprecedented challenges. Amidst relentless rain, unforgiving headwinds, and chilling waters, our expedition unfolded, revealing the raw beauty and tempestuous spirit of the North Atlantic. Join us in this gripping adventure.

Between Giants and Waves ~ A Journey of Transformation

Experience a remarkable transformation from a capsized kayak mishap to epic Arctic expeditions. Follow the author's evolution from a novice to an endurance athlete, navigating uncharted waters, exploring coral reefs, and conquering the Danube's vast expanse. This is a story of resilience, self-discovery, and the limitless potential of sea kayaking.

Between Giants and Waves ~ Sea Kayaking in British Columbia's Untamed Beauty

Dive into the untamed beauty of British Columbia's Great Bear Rainforest, where mountains meet the boundless Pacific. Join me on a month-long sea kayaking odyssey, encountering whales, bears, and the wisdom of indigenous communities. 'Between Giants and Waves' is a tale of wilderness, self-discovery, and unforgettable encounters.

Over Austria in 10 days

In one week I am going to take a 10 day sea kayak tour from the German city Passau to the capital of Slovakia – Bratislava. The journey which is 361 kilometers long starts under the dam on the river Inn, then it continues through the whole Austrian part of the river Danube and next to the Devín castle it crosses the Slovak border.

National Nature Reserve Klátovské rameno (Slovakia)

Last year I had the opportunity to float about a 2 km stretch of Klátovské rameno just before it flows into the Little Danube. It is a slow flowing river which impressed me by crystal clear water in it. I decided to explore it. I found that the entire area had been a national nature reserve since 1993.

Sea Kayaking through three capitals - 1. Planning

The end of this summer is here and in our latitude it is the last chance for an adventure in countryside with a nice weather during the day and not too cold  nights. I decided to take an advantage of months of practice on water with a sea kayak. I chose the longest river in the European Union, ...